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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nightmares - An Overview

Do you know that almost all that you experience as a nightmare has to do with the simple explanation based upon the function of our life on Earth.

In The Explorer Race book I have received with inspiration and passed on to you the basic information of who we are on Earth, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing and where we're going from here. So those of you who've read this book or are reading it will have a leg up in this talk today but for those of you who haven't read it yet then let me simply say this.

On Earth here in our physical bodies, when we are awake as compared to physically asleep to be very specific alright, we remember only that which is associated with our Earth life.

When we are in other bodies on other planets, reincarnated you understand - living other lives, we remember who we are, where we're from and so on and a great deal more but that is because on those planets it is just life and enjoyable at that.

This planet, as I've said numerous times, is a school and one of the rules of the school - all schools have rules as you know - is that we don't remember who we are or where we're from or why we're here and so on. This is so that we can recreate our lives and also acquire new experience that we will use in other lives on other planets. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe based upon my experience and years and years and years of research.

Now with me again going to what nightmares are - when we are asleep we experience training with our guides and teachers and angels. They take us around and show us what they do and we, since we are only functioning on Earth when we are awake yes - we remember only that which is associated with Earth when our guides and angels and so on take us places we do not participate.

You understand, we are physically asleep during this time but our soul does not need to sleep so we are able to go with them. We observe what they do and how great a help they are on Earth especially with those who need help urgently - are in situations where they are crying out for help and very often help arrives from their fellow human beings but one often needs help from others as well don't you especially if one is in extreme circumstances and calls out to spirit for help in some form.

We don't however in that training remember spirit, we don't remember angels, we don't remember deities because if we did we would have a complete understanding of who we are and where we're from and we would not be able to continue on with our lessons on Earth which are many and varied.

Earth is not a punishment. It is an advanced place of training because it excludes us from remembering who we are and demands from us that we be able to provide for others and for ourselves based exclusively on our experience here. What greater lesson in compassion can be acquired then that.

Granted it may not all be fully understood when we are here on Earth but when we are beyond here it is well understood.

So what are nightmares? Nightmares are that portion of that experience that we have traveling with angels and guides that is of Earth and these beings are constantly traveling to places where people are crying out for help.

We don't remember our travels with them because that's associated with spirit world. We do remember that which is taking place on Earth which always has to do with drama and frequently suffering. So when we wake up and we have had a dream where people were crying and suffering and we naturally think of this dream as a nightmare, that's what we're remembering.

It's important for you to know and understand this because there will be times when we are going through intense training in the soul state that we will wake up with these troubling experiences and feel as if we need to sleep from our sleep, you understand - not feeling very rested but this is what's going on.

I know that life is hard here. I'm here and I'm living it too and yet we can help each other. That is the purpose of this blog, that is the purpose of my books and I know for many of you that is your purpose as well.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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