The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Realigning Ourselves

There is a chance now, for those of us who wish to participate, to bring about a greater balance and co-ordination of all our human skills.

We admire athletes when they achieve great accomplishments and we also admire those who have gone on in life to solve difficult problems. Equally we often admire the very young for their joy and pleasure in discovering the world but what happens to us in those in-between years when life is just a struggle?

How can we find a way to feel more comfortable in our physical bodies in our physical worlds when life just seems to be one confusion and doubt after another?

This is what I do and I recommend it to you. I have often found an old tree - one that sometimes looks kind of rugged but has been there for a long time - not a young tree but an old tree.

Often one finds these in parks and if not, if there is no such thing near you, then here's an alternative. Perhaps it might be a mountain at a distance or if you live near the water, the sea at a distance. A little over the horizon or at least at the horizon line where there are no ships might do in a pinch but I'm going to use a tree for an example today.

Look above the top of the tree, not at the tree itself. You can if you prefer look at the base of the tree, then let your gaze travel up the trunk into the branches and then the top of the tree.

Concentrate your gaze about 5 or 6 feet above the top of the tree. Some of you might see the auric field or the light body - that's alright if you see that. If you don't it's also alright. Try to make sure that the way you are looking, above the top of the tree, does not cause any buildings to be in the background or anything human created if you can possibly help it.

Then while you're looking at that place, essentially in space, above the top of the tree just breathe naturally. Breathe in and out for 3, 4 - up to 10 breathes and then relax.

Trees have a great capacity for bringing about, for themselves and with their interaction with Earth and the energies here, transformation that helps and eases our way.

For those of you who live in mountain communities - perhaps desert-like mountains where no trees are nearby, then look at the top of any mountain and just look a little above it. Again you might see a light energy radiating from it. If you do just focus there and breathe in and out the same way.

You can do the same thing with the sea at a distance if that's all that you have available in the natural world. Again, try to make sure there are no ships there and breathe in and out.

It will help you to not only feel more relaxed but it reminds your physical body of its natural state and it will also help you, possibly, to let go of the demands of whatever the people around you seem to expect of you.

Just remember, you are a natural being and you are doing the best you can to cope with your world, to cope with your life. If things are difficult do this once a day and get into the habit of it. It may be of some comfort.


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