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The Wand Position
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Can Help

Are you ready for another assignment? Understand these are not directives or orders - just a opportunity to apply some of which you're learning here and on my other blog Benevolent Magic.

There are opportunities now to help animals and I think that some of you would like to do this.

Consider what kind of animals live around where you live. These can be pets, they can be free - meaning they are living on their own in their own groups. They can be water creatures, they can be winged ones, they can be any form of animals but not in this case human beings. Let's work with animals first.

I'd like you to consider that many animals feel crowded, you know that, because there are more human beings here on Earth than there have been for a long time. So it is possible to do something to help them.

I'd like to recommend that you visualize this planet being about two and a half times its now size. What this means essentially is that the spaces between things would be larger. If your house say, is 40 feet from your neighbors house it would be just that much farther from your neighbors house and like that. There would be more room. Do this with the animals in mind.

Actually consider - look around your neighborhood or the land upon which your community sits - imagine things being farther apart because there is space.

This is something that can also be done aided by true magic. You don't have to do it but if you want to this is how.

Ask for all the benevolent energies that are available to you to be all around and about you before you begin and then try to go outside at night when there's lots of stars out and glance up in the sky and the first star you happen to see - that's the one to use. Then glance down at your left foot on the ground, then at your right foot on the ground.

Then say these words, "I am asking that the stars in the sky and that my touching the ground be the manner and means to expand the space on this planet - that this planet have more land, more water and more mass and that that happens in the most benevolent, easy and comfortable way for all beings and that the result will be that everyone will have more space to live in."

You might feel that this is some kind of wishful thinking but if enough people do this you will find that not only will there be more land, more water, more of what everyone needs but for no reason that can be explained the Earth will just be bigger. It will happen without anybody noticing and when it happens people will believe that it has always been that way.

You see, that's the best kind of magic that harms no one and that everyone takes for granted when it is experienced. Always remember that.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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