The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Welcome Visitor

Have you noticed all of the doors and windows - energy openings that are available now? There will be times when out of the corner of your eye or even more directly you will see kind of a wobble in the...whatever you're looking at. It will remind you a bit of how a reflection looks on water.

Some of you might feel energy. Some of you might feel slightly dizzy. If you feel slightly dizzy get a grip on something - and you might feel some energy. It is a good thing though. Know that, it's good, and it will pass shortly.

It is a momentary physical feeling to connect you with your true natural self. It has been spoken of in these blogs about the change that is happening now and that change is a shift - not in mental perception but in physical perception. Thus is allowed to happen a physical feeling - a sense of touch which is very gentle and loving, a sense of instinct - meaning a perception of something being there.

You might reasonably ask, "What is there? What - is - there? It is your true natural self but the total you. Not only your soul but the total you that exists in all times and all places in all spaces. The total you's of everyone are now having greater access to everyone through these pathways called windows or doors.

Why the different terms? Windows are a little smaller, doors are a little taller. That's the difference and for those of you who are sensitive to seeing things you will notice a small thing - a sense of motion but small - a window perhaps. Or a sense of motion but tall - vertical. Maybe not so wide - a door perhaps.

Don't be afraid of these things. They will happen more often these days and will be followed by a sense of well-being which might last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes up to a half a day and even more in some cases.

It is the time now when you will be able to let go of old hurts and discomforts and be united with your true natural self. Is that not wonderful?


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