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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Doubts And Stumbling Blocks When Doing This Good Work

I'd like to talk to you about something today that comes up for all practitioners that work with magic and benevolent magic and sometimes even living prayer but it particularly comes up when you have asked for something for yourself and it involved the changing of Mother Earth's elements on a temporal basis or it shifted things that were going to happen into a more distinctly benevolent state but still - what lingers sometimes?

In the beginning when you do this kind of work there are often regrets. You wonder whether you ought to have - so-called messed with things even though the outcome is decidedly more benevolent for all beings or at least for the beings that you were working for, in that sense for their betterment, in this case referring to human beings. Later on you incorporate very often the desire for all beings to be benefited but I'm talking about the early stages of this work - it's not unusual to have regrets.

What I'm going to suggest here is that over time while that might modify itself into being doubts for instance, then what occurs is a process that follows. Frequently thought and an attempt to question ones - even motives.

Here's the situation: Very often if you're working with something that could be a crisis - say a strong potential for a catastrophic earthquake or say tornadoes or typhoons or other major phenomena of Mother Earth that often wreaks great damage to life and limb and to all beings even though Mother Earth herself may not be harmed - what occurs with this kind of transformation, co-operation from Mother Earth and other beings, is this analysis.

My feeling is that it's good to have these thoughts because in the ultimate you realize that all beings are better off and at least human beings and animals are better off as a result of the catastrophe or tragedy that did not happen.

On the other hand you wonder, "Have I gone too far?" But remember when you do living prayer, benevolent magic, true magic and like that - sometimes a combination of those - you are asking for the co-operation of all beings to bring this about. Mother Earth herself would not co-operate if there wasn't some at least implied acquiescence on her part.

So always remember that when something results that's a good thing, even though you might have doubts you must keep in the forefront that all beings are better off. No suffering, no broken lives or limbs, no drowning, no catastrophe.

I believe it is a challenge for us now to adapt in our physical world abilities we have or have come across in our natural state as light beings. The physical world has polarity and therefore one has actions and activities that one is often involved in as a child or a young person and beyond where there is pluses and minuses yes? Good stuff and not so good stuff. It was fun but then you had to pay later and all that stuff.

So it's not unusual when you get involved in this kind of work to have such a similar experience at times. Most of the time you will not have this experience but it may come up at times. Do not let it derail you entirely from doing the work. Just know that it has to do with your life experience, with the conditioning of your culture and with the framework in which your personality resides.

This is just a reminder and an acknowledgment of the complexity of the human personality. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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