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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Path of Learning and Practice

One of the people I work with and am assisting to learn many things has asked a question that has come up before many times and since it has come up many times I thought I would publish my answer to him here for you to read. Here is his question:


Is there a difference between Shamans like you and the ones from (a place mentioned here), as in (video link here).

How do you feel about the (place mentioned here) Shaman culture, if I can call it that way?


And here is my answer:

My Friend,

I do not watch, read or in any way study the work of other Shamans. This is entirely because I'm attempting to move on my own path - growing, changing and acquiring wisdom as I accumulate time and experience.

If I interact with other people in this work I keep it in a social vein. In my experience many of them wish to do that as well.

So I won't be looking at the video link you've sent and I can't really comment on the value of the work of others except to say that there are many people working with great sincerity using mystical and shamanic practices to improve the quality of life for all beings. This is what I believe and I feel that those goals and a great many of those practices are worthy contributions towards that end.



There is a related issue that comes up as well and it has to do with the channeling I do as well as other forms of inspiration I receive. So even though the following is somewhat repetitive as it is an answer to another question asking me about someone else's work I'm including it here so you know a little bit more about me and the way I work:

Greetings my friend,

I have to tell you that I have a certain standard because of the channeling that I do. I don't follow other people's work be it spiritual and especially if it is inspired or channeled. There's a reason for this.

I decided very early on that in order to bring through new material or even material that may have been known once upon a time in the far distant past but was completely lost that it was essential for me to not expose myself to other people's inspirations. So even though I've run across things - especially say books about people's UFO contacts that I would have loved to have read, once I started even the early stages of my channeling I stopped reading all that stuff. So we're talking about really not having read these things since the 1970's.

So, I do not ever read anybody else's or expose myself to anybody else's channeling or spiritual material they produce in the form of words or the spoken word.

This is not because I'm an elitist or a snob :-) but rather because I wish to produce what I do produce from a completely original point of view to the best of my ability without being influenced or stimulated by the creations of others in the world of spoken or written spiritual matter.

I've dedicated myself to keeping as clear as possible as a Channel and this has allowed me to bring through The Explorer Race material and other things that are unique.



Understand that I value other people and their work and I do encourage you to read and study a wide variety of inspired and mystical work when you're on your own spiritual, mystical or shamanic path but when you are firmly on that path as I am now, and in my case have spirit teachers to guide me, then focusing on my own path in my own way is what's best for me.

For you - you will have to decide when, what and how you will stop studying with others - perhaps with the guidance of your teachers - and follow your own path. The people you serve and your experience with them may prompt you to extend your education through your entire practice however and life as well. Experience is often a wise and humbling teacher.

Still, whatever you choose I would recommend you choose a path that is benevolent for you and all beings. Goodlife to you all.

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Robert Shapiro said...

Celine, You told me about your vision of the wasp. I feel your mention of seeing the wasp was influential in my being able to understand a situation that has happened to a family with children, so I thank you for bringing it up.

Many times your visions are helpful but often they will be for others. If you know that they are for others then just ask the benevolent energies, your guides and angels to go where they are happening - wherever and to bring good energy and then let the vision go. You have done what you can do.