The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, December 03, 2010

Magic - Application - Service: Recreate Your World

It is a time now to remember that the purpose of this site is to instruct - to teach you how to do things that you as a magical human being, for you are that, can do.

The things you will learn here will help you to change your world in ways that might seem unbelievable to you right now but your world needs to be changed in a supportive loving benevolent way for all beings so that everyone here on the planet can survive and thrive, be respected and be appreciated and ultimately understand and appreciate the value of life itself.

I grant that these might be lofty goals to achieve on this site but the magic, the mystical seemingly, capabilities that I'm reminding you of here - that you know about at deeper levels of yourself can be accomplished in a benevolent way by taking the time to practice, to do the steps even though you might feel you're just inching along and to ultimately know how to do these things at any moment in the most benevolent way for all beings.


A. said...

Dear Robert,

I tried sending you a message, but am not sure if it's gone through.

What can I say or do to disperse a tense and potentially aggressive situation between two people divorcing and make them more peaceful in their negotiations?

Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings A.,

I feel I need to know more about this situation. Find a way to message me.


Robert Shapiro said...

Also for A.,