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The Wand Position
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Communion - Sounds

I have found from time to time when my Angels and Guides attempt to communicate with me in a significant moment in my life that I feel a very benevolent energy sometimes all over my body but when that doesn't occur then at the top of my head spreading out all over the crown of my head and on occasion I hear a sound.
It sounds like a compressed communication. It's not unlike a sort of buzzing sound but it's not, say the buzzing of an angry bee. It's rather a compressed communion of some sort as if someone spoke to me at length with the usual rising and falling tones we all use to emphasize and then having it all compressed together and played back with occasional lilts up and down.
It is rare to hear it out loud, usually it is strictly a vibration I feel as we all I'm sure, feel this in our deep sleep but from time to time I do get that sound. I have been taught that it is a important moment suggesting that I not only pay attention to what I've just been reading or seeing or feeling or interacting with because this is an important moment for me - something for me is happening. So that regardless if I'm say - for instance reading about somebody else's experience that it is also something that is important for me to consider in my life as well. Then I usually do because I do feel the energy.
I'm bringing this to your attention because sometimes you will not only see things that others do not see - however they are there - and you will also at other times hear things that other people do not hear - however those sounds are there as well. Be aware that our senses are not only something that occur in a scientifically provable way but also occur in an individual spiritual way meaning uniquely for us only.
From my observation and from what I've been taught I can clearly see that babies have this experience as well as some animals. How often have you seen your cat or dog suddenly look at something that you do not see and yet you can clearly tell that baby or cat for instance are seeing something that you do not see and yet does this suggest that all babies and all cats do this at all times? No, not according to my experience.
I believe that they are having a personal contact - something for them in that unique moment. This tells me that this is something that we can all do since babies do this and we were once that - then we have this capability. So if you hear these sounds and you're pretty sure they're not physical sounds - meaning they're not some sound associated with somebody doing something someplace - oh as in construction sounds or musical sounds somebody is making, don't just dismiss them as being a curiosity.
Notice if you have any feelings - do you have a warmth in your body which means this is possibly something benevolent for you. Do you have a sudden sense of attention - meaning you are reading something and suddenly you stop and you notice you've been reading a paragraph over and over. Does this simply mean that you are having mental difficulties - don't assume that either. It could very well be that that paragraph is meant to be thought about - to stop reading for a moment - think about it.
In my experience the wealthiest people that I have ever met are some of the most well attuned to their feelings, to their perceptions and yes to their spirit communications which often are accompanied with physical feelings. This does not mean that one has to be wealthy to do this for I am not that but it does mean that those who are in positions of influence do not disregard such important communions. Think about it - maybe it will work for you in some benevolent way. Goodlife.

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