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Friday, February 10, 2006

Other Animals I Have Met

There was a time in my life, as I recall that I experienced a great deal of interaction with animals. A lot of this took place when I was living in Arizona but there has been some that has taken place in my current area of residence - Hawaii. I remember one particular incident that always makes me smile and that is that when I was in my Hawaii apartment - the first one I lived in - very small but it had white walls and while that seems to be a little tedious it worked well for me and I'll tell you why.
One day after I'd had a visitor who had left I was a little tired and I was sitting on the edge of the daybed and looking down and there in the rug I saw the tiniest little beetle - just teensy, you could barely see the beetle and it was struggling in the short nap of the carpet. I remember looking down at that little one thinking how in the world am I going to get that little beetle out of there and still allow it to be safe - you know they have very delicate legs and feet. So I put a small cup down there - and I was still experiencing a great deal of benevolent energy you know - since I'd done a reading for my friend who had just left and the little beetle - I think felt very safe and once it extricated itself which it did - amazing - not easy to do - it crawled into the cup and I said to it as I do out loud, "Where do you want to go."
I thought perhaps I'd take it outside but it didn't want to go outside and how do I know this. It's not a conversation so much especially with a young one - it is a feeling of warmth in my body. I would turn slowly to see what direction the little beetle wanted to go and there was no question that the little beetle wanted to go into the direction near a window in my small bathroom. I took the little beetle in there and said, "Well, I'm not sure how you can get along here by yourself" and I let the little beetle go where it wanted to be down by the base of the cabinet and I thought, "Well, I hope little beetle finds its way out."
I knew there was a hole in the wall behind the cabinet and I thought perhaps the beetle would find its way out. So that's what I did and I kind of forgot about it and then one day many weeks later I saw a beetle on the wall by the bathroom sink and I was startled and I jumped back for a moment and the beetle also made a sudden move and I said, "Wait, wait, sorry. We startled each other" and the beetle crawled in between a cabinet door and its frame and I didn't want to open up the cabinet door cause I might hurt the beetle so I said to the beetle who was hiding in that spot - I said - apologized for making a sudden move.
You know when a very large being such as a human being makes a sudden move around a very small being it's not surprising that they hide. I think if our positions were reversed we would do the same thing would we not?
Anyway I said to the little beetle, "I can help you if you like but..." just speaking out loud hoping that little beetle would understand me and I said, "...if you want to go outside come out of the bathroom and get up on the wall somehow..." where I could see beetle on the white unmarked wall " my line of sight from the daybed." The daybed was really the only furniture in the apartment - and I hoped that beetle would understand me.
Well about a week later - I don't know how it survived but I guess it managed to find water in the pipes somehow - behind the cabinet perhaps ( condensation?) little beetle all of a sudden showed up on the side of the wall and I believed that that was going to be a sign that beetle wanted to go out. So I very carefully gathered up beetle in a little box I had prepared in case beetle was ready to go out. It had holes in the side so beetle could breathe well and it was soft inside so beetle would not get jostled around and I moved around in various directions and I clearly felt that little beetle wanted to go outside then.
By the way, I didn't make the connection at that time that this was the teeny little beetle. I just assumed - well - it's a different one. I had after all taken many little creatures outside or released them through the window if they could fly and it is something I know that many of you like to do. Well I started going downstairs and I remember I got to the door and I had to walk across a parking lot and then down some stairs to the sidewalk by the street. This is where I felt that little beetle wanted to go and what I did is from my apartment I had radiated some benevolent energy down to that part of the sidewalk near that area because this is where I intended to release little beetle.
I didn't want to release beetle in a parking lot - not very safe - and that was the only area down there by the opening - from the parking lot to the street - where there was any bushes or trees - dirt, you understand, where I felt little beetle might be able to find a home. Well I took beetle down there and carefully released the little one and little beetle scuttled off.
Sometime later when I was out to dinner with a friend I was telling her - and people are often interested in stories about animals that I've experienced - and I was telling her the story about the little beetle and by that time it had dawned on me that this was the teeny little beetle that I had first seen in the carpet and I thought that this was really kind of sweet that the little beetle had trusted me and allowed me to take it downstairs far, far away and release it.
I was sitting in the car - she was dropping me off - telling her about this story and I got out of the car and walked over to the opening in the wall that led up towards the door of the apartment building and all of a sudden - it was really kind of funny - startling but funny at the same time - all of these beetles - full grown ones - came whizzing out of the underbrush and the bushes and they were running around my feet.
There must have been - they weren't trying to touch me or anything but they were running around in circles around me like they were happy. I can only tell you that the feeling I had is that they were happy and it was quite risky for them to do this you know because there were other people walking around but they were rushing around my feet - there must have been oh, ten or twelve of them and at first I was startled and then I realized that they were happy.
Then I felt the story and the beetles all retired when I got the story - meaning that they moved off onto the dirt again where they were comfortable in the bushes and the story is this - it's not made up - I know it's true because when I felt the story the beetles retired and I had previous experience with little people like this and I knew that when you got the story that they were trying to tell you - their truth you know - that they would step back and allow you to assimilate the story or tell others. And this was the story - that little beetle had been a young one of one of the bigger beetles and when my friend had come over for the reading - this was weeks, maybe months before you understand - the little beetle had a spirit of adventure and the person had apparently paused for a moment - perhaps they weren't sure they had found the right spot.
My friend at that time was not sure where I lived and he was coming over for the first time - he probably paused down by the opening in the wall because it wasn't clearly marked you see, that this was the apartment building I lived in and while he paused there little beetle got up on his shoe and little beetle managed to hang onto his shoe all the way to the apartment and of course the parents of little beetle had been grieving the loss of the little one - they're no different then us.
They love their young just as we do and they'd been grieving all this time and when - months later when I managed with little beetle to get the little one back down to the exact spot apparently where little beetle wanted to go - that's where I felt the most warmth in my body - and released little beetle they were so thrilled and happy and also I feel that they were encouraged to know that human beings could treat them in a kind and considerate way.
Well that's my story - it's a true one and that's the point of Mystical Man here because these true tales need to be passed on. I've told it to a lot of people and now I thought I'd tell it to you. I'll tell you more of my animal stories in time. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post here but this is a nice long one for you, okay.


Hart said...
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Robert Shapiro said...

My friend
Thank you so much for your comment and for putting your heart out for others to see, value and appreciate. I certainly appreciate you and your outlook and I will follow up very soon with more about my benevolent experience with animals.