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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another Brasilian Adventure

I remember a time when I was in Brasil visiting with friends and working. We went for a ride to a small town. On our way though, one of my friends saw a person that she knew and we pulled over in the car and she talked with them briefly and then we started going in a different direction.

She said that she had heard that there had been an unusual event at someone's house nearby and that they were allowing a few people in and so we drove over there and we came to this home that had a fence around it and we were let through the gate. It was a large property but it was not opulent - simply a considerable amount of land and a few structures on it.

We drove in and it looked like a nice place and we drove up to the main house and got out and my friend there who of course was a native of that country began speaking to the resident and it turned out that they had had a strange phenomena the night before and as a result many of the people who lived there including the owners favorite dog were acting strangely and he was very concerned.

He spoke to my friend as if they were old friends because many people there are - I've discovered in Brasil were quite friendly and had good hearts often open to each other - and they walked around and I walked with my friend from the States after them and after she had had a lengthy conversation with the owner of the property who lived there she reported to us that during the night everybody had slept very deeply - much deeper than usual except for the man's son who had stayed up to watch tv and that he had, the owner that is, had gone in to see his son that morning and could not wake him. The doctor had come out and said that the son appeared to be alright but that he was sleeping so deeply he could not be awakened and the doctor had left.

Well they had left everything exactly as it was. They checked the house and the property over and nothing had been stolen or apparently disturbed and they were quite baffled.

The woman that I had gone to Brasil with, my friend, had walked around the property during this whole conversation and she called me over at some point and said, "You've got to see this" and so I excused myself from the group and walked with her over to a portion of the property that was near one of the outer boundary fences and there on the grass, for it was simply relatively short cut grass, was something that I had heard about and read about but never actually seen was a Crop Circle and while I grant there was no crops there to speak of since it was grass it was quite clear what it was.

My friend reported that as she came close to it that the energy was overpowering and true enough - I knelt down beside it and held my hand out over it and there was no question that there was a wonderful energy radiating from it - the type of energy that is very comfortable to me - something I often refer to as being magnetic.

Well it had a distinct pattern which I wish I could reproduce here for you but I don't know how. I can only say it involved certain segments of circles and arcs of a type that created a pattern that looked familiar to me. If I can reproduce it and put a picture up here someday I will - and then my friend - whom I shall refer to as N that I went to Brasil with - during my study of the Crop Circle had walked over and came to me and said that the owners dog was behaving strangely and that the owner appeared to be very concerned.

The dog was a young German shepherd - according to the owner was only about eight months old, was quite large and was normally full of pep and exuberance as any young dog might be but I observed the dog - he would get up, walk a few steps and then lay down, get up, walk a few steps and then lay down.

The owner said that he was very worried that the dog was ill but had checked him over and the dog did not appear to be sick in any way. My friend asked me could I help the dog and since I have been able to help animals sometimes I walked over to the dog who was just laying there and I knelt down beside him and he looked almost like - picture a human being who was somewhat drugged.

The dog genuinely looked drugged but I was quite certain that the owner who loved the dog would not do such a thing and I reached over with my left hand and held my hand in a certain way and reached towards the dogs nose slowly - not the tip of his nose but what you might call the bridge of his nose and suddenly the dog hopped up and at the moment the dog hopped up I also at that moment had a complete understanding of what had occurred.

Apparently the dog had been left with the memory of it because when the event of the night before had occurred the dog was the only one who was wide awake and in full possession of all of his senses and I would like to relate to you here what I received from the dog.

It had been the middle of the night and sure enough the son was watching television. While he was watching television he had fallen asleep but then he would wake up every once in a while and continue watching his program as many of us do.

The dog became bored with this activity and walked out of the house since the door was open and walked around the property being somewhat bored and also looking around to see what was happening as any dog might. And then there was a light in the sky and the light got brighter and brighter and suddenly descended directly to land on the property and the dog was barking furiously and ran back to the area where the son had been watching tv but the young man was totally asleep and the dog could not awaken him even though he pulled on his sleeve as a dog might and the dog ran around to the other houses and was barking furiously to get people to wake up but nobody would wake up and come out. So the dog ran back to the bright object and was barking at it.

Then the object grew less bright and there was like a glass dome on the top. Someone stepped out of the dome and looking at the dog, reached in the general direction of the dog and the dog grew very calm and was then just a quiet observer. The being who looked to the dog like any human being - perhaps a little taller and perhaps with fingers just a little longer, got out and walked over towards one of the other portions of the fence that went around the house and right about that time I started to understand from the beings point of view as well.

It appeared that somehow the being was able to calm the dog and that the dog actually understood what the being was thinking and this is what I got from the dog's memory - that this being who was from a distant planet had come to visit a place that he had visited once before with his mate - his wife yes - and they had enjoyed the area.

It was some seven hundred years before. They had come and landed - there was no house there at the time. It was just open land - and they had walked over to an area that had some trees and they had sat down and apparently, it looked to me since I had the picture of it, that they had something to eat and then they either spoke or sang to each other - that wasn't clear to me - still isn't but it was quite a pleasant scene. Then they had been affectionate in some way with each other, then had gotten up, walked around the general land, went back to their ship and continued on their travels.

So this being had come to visit that spot since his mate had passed away not long ago and he was traveling with his companion around to various places where he had visited with his dear one and even though there was at that time a house - I didn't mention it was a house in the country so it was a distance from any city - a house on the property, he was visiting those places.

They had the capacity to very gently calm life in the area so that animals and humans alike would either sleep or be in a calm restful state. The being wandered around the property a bit - not harming anyone but the dog tagging fairly close along - the being walked and went over and touched one of the walls of the main house which was made of brick - touched it to feel the consistency of the brick apparently. Then walked over and touched a lawn mower - didn't exactly move it but shoved it a little bit the way you'd touch something that was flexible.

Then walked over - and the door was open - where the son had been watching tv and the screen of the television was fuzzy the way they get when the show goes off the air. The son was sitting in a chair sound asleep and the being then continued walking around the property until they had returned to the ship. Then as the being was going to get back into the ship, the person stopped, walked back to the dog who was still standing there and reached down with one of his hands and not touching the dog but apparently coming close to the same spot that I had reached for at the front of the dog's head did something which apparently allowed the dog to remember everything that had happened - not just in the details of what the dog could see and sense but also in the details of the beings memory leaving essentially the story of the event - and then getting back in the ship and leaving and the mark left on the ground was a mark that their vehicle would leave.

Interestingly enough I knew after, essentially if I can use the term - downloading the dog, I knew that the mark on the ground was the shape of the way they built their cities on their home planet and it was an interesting pattern. There were rows of dwellings shaped in an arc pattern - picture arcs that would make up a circle in four arcs alright - and that there would be gaps in between them and the gaps would lead to a central park that was also a circle - very attractive - and then of course there was the outer boundary of the circle that the ship left and that was sort of a map of how they lived.

I want to let you know that after I suddenly had all this knowledge the dog jumped up very spryly and started running around the property happy again with occasional barks and very cheerful and the owner was thrilled and was so happy and I might add that the people started waking up around the household and were able to walk around. Apparently the dogs state of condition was somehow linked to other people on the property and everybody got up and started walking around and asked, "What happened" and so on.

For some reason the owner was not effected to the same extent the others were and was perfectly able to get around and talk and ask for help and so on. Then the Press showed up and they wanted to interview somebody but of course since I didn't speak the language I asked my Brasilian friend if she would talk to them and she did and shortly after that we left.

I thought I'd report this to you. I know it's a lengthy story but I thought I'd report it to you because it was an interesting experience and I was quite intrigued since I had never been exposed to a crop circle and it was kind of a fun thing. I was glad I could help the dog and help the people and I thought perhaps you might be interested in this particular experience I had. Goodlife.


Dawn said...

Very cool, Robert. Thanks for sharing. I bet the dog was very happy that you stopped by. Take care, Dawn

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks Dawn, I appreciate your comment and yes - the dog got very happy - positively frisky.