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The Wand Position
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just Another News Story...

There was a time when I visited a country that is a very beautiful place. I remember several unusual things happening there. One of the more interesting things that I'd have to say that happened there was something that I don't see in our country - at least not reported as a normal news story and that is that the newspapers reported with color photos on the front page and articles written just as if it were any other news event without any derision at all, of UFO's seen over the country and even reported some anomalous events happening on the ground. People saying they saw something or heard something that was directly correlated to these UFO sightings.

That country is Brasil. Clearly one of the more spiritual countries I've ever visited. I found the people there not only delightful in many ways but profoundly spiritual and well connected to consciousness.

I couldn't help but note the completely straight forward and candid way that such stories were reported there. I know that in our country the Press feels pressured to be derisive simply because of constraints they feel upon themselves or perhaps editorial policies that may have nothing to do with news gathering services. I do not know the real reason - thats just my conjecture. Regardless of their reasons to report or not report such news I found it profoundly refreshing to experience such reports in Brasil as if it were just any other news event.

I know this is not a big deal but I will report other bits and pieces of my experience here as time goes on. Goodlife.

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