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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life Goes On

I've been taught how to see things that are not always obvious to everyone though it is my intention here on Mystical Man and on the Benevolent Magic site to teach and remind you all of how to do these things for yourself.

I recall recently looking outside of the apartment I'm currently living in and seeing a purple light. It is not round as we think of a light but a - just an unusual shape and it moved from one place to another and I recall noticing a most benevolent energy. There were other times when I have seen blue lights like this as well and I think some of you are seeing these things.

Always notice - if you feel an energy that feels good - gentle - perhaps even giving you within your own body a warm feeling - a good feeling, feel free to say, "Goodlife." These beings may not be able to speak words to you but they are there to remind you that life goes on and that immortality is a fact of all existence.

I know we are constantly reminded that life changes around us and that life is always evolving - meaning changing form. There are young ones born and old ones pass on but we are all immortal from the largest whale to the smallest protozoa. This I have been taught and this I believe.

I have seen and felt so many different types of beings and I have been taught also how to communicate with life forms that we see around us.

Talking to the animals has given me a great deal of wisdom. Remember that they are here to teach us - they are not here to learn anything. Granted, a baby bird must learn how to fly just as a baby squirrel must learn how to gather food but they are not here to learn any lessons. We are here to learn lessons.

I encourage you to learn how to communicate with the animals as best you can. They have so very much to teach us. I will find a way if I can to pass on knowledge to you from the animals.

I have put out a book some time ago of what I have been taught from the animals and it is my intention to - working with my publisher - bring out another book as soon as she is able to do so. I am not trying to plug anything here but rather to encourage you that if I can do it perhaps you can find a way to do it as well.

The animals love us and they want to help us and many of them are determined to stay here that they can teach us things that we need to know. Life is immortal, we are all immortal and yet we must honor, have faith in, appreciate and support mortal life as well.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice said...

Hi Robert, is the book you wrote about still available?Is it possible to get it somewhere on the net.
Today the crows (they are a lot of crows in Tokyo and as we live just in the midle of a park we have many of them around our house)have been very excited all day, going very busy with "Koa-Koa-Koa..." Would like to know how to get in touch with them but they don't get easily confident with human beings...


Angel said...

How do I deal with ant and moth infestation in a benevolent manner, any suggestions?!
Peace & Golden Ecstasy

Robert Shapiro said...

Angel, Have you seen the suggestions about ants in the posting on this blog of February 16, 2006? The title of the post is Animals In Brasil, Part 2. I recommend you read that especially the part at the end about interacting with the ants in a benevolent way for you and them.
It's something that I have been able to use in the past - and I do know it's time consuming. If you can do it or you know someone who can do it with good heart and in safety for themselves and others thats what I recommend.
They probably won't stop and listen to you as you're speaking but there is an intermediary in that world. For me the intermediary was Grandmother Ant as I called her and I felt she appreciated that title. She would often nod, not unlike you see other animals nod and like people nod. I took it to be a gracious interaction.
You may or may not get a picture of that in your inspirations - that is my experience however interacting with them.
There are other stories on Mystical Man about ants. If you do a search on this blog and type in ants you will find other references but especially read the end of Animals In Brasil, Part 2 for my best suggestion with ants.
You might try to adapt it with moths but if you do not know where the moths come from and especially if they're the tiny little white ones - they're probably coming from plants - still you can still state out loud to ask them to live outside while you live inside.
Here's a Living Prayer you could try, "I am asking that all those in moth world and all creatures whom I admire when they are in their world live in their world outside while I live in my world inside here in my home."

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Patrice,
Good to hear from you again. The book about animals that I have done in the past is called Awakening To The Animal Kingdom and I believe you might be able to track it down on one of the internet sites - perhaps or Alibris.
As far as other material on animals though there - I believe toward the end of the book there's some material on animals in Shamanic Secrets For Material Mastery which is available from or you can also get that from Amazon.
Now as far as talking to the crows I think it's important when you do see a crow especially if it's nearby just say out loud if you can, "May the wind support your wings." It is a blessing that I was taught by a raven and while I have found that not all bird species say this to each other or pass it on as a blessing, it might be worth a try and with crows you know - they have a natural suspicion of human beings and thats not surprising but I think if you say that it might be helpful.
After you say that you could also say, "Goodlife." Eventually you might get a crow that will turn and look at you or perhaps even show a little recognition and thats good.
Don't be attached to them showing that recognition. Sometimes they don't.
I have found in the past when I've been friendly like that towards ravens that I received no particular acknowledgment from them other than that one time where the raven told me their blessing, however there was another time when a raven brought me a very important message for my life about my future.
So it feels to me like they appreciate being honored and acknowledged and might then be more open to passing on a message, which I got of course from inspiration when the raven landed near me and was speaking loudly in its own language.
When I realized that it was trying to tell me something I did manage to understand what it was saying and the moment I completed my understanding the raven stopped making its sound and flew away.
This is their way of letting us know that we have understood the message. Sometimes if we don't understand it they'll keep trying to give it so make every effort to try to understand it.
Know that it could also come in a dream but for me I was able to acquire it on the spot which was a blessing. It was a message of encouragement which I needed at that time and has proved to be true. So this is something for which I am grateful.
Goodlife in all of your spiritual ventures and goodlife for you in all benevolent ways.

Patrice said...

Dear Robby
thanks for your very insightfull comments. I started to try communication with the crows of Tokyo several years ago As they are very abundant in the city, making a lot of noise and messing up the trash in the morning people send them a very agressive energy, even communication with them have not been easy until now...I just had some success in soothing their mood when they are too upset at the end of the day, coming back charged with all the negatives energies people send them. But sometimes at night they become very agitated and I feel they are trying to communicate something we don't understand and I would like to...As they are with us I feel it should have a deep reason...Your suggestions may help. I'll proceed the way you said.
Goodlife and thank you for the kind support you give us with your blogs.

Anonymous said...

thanks, rob, yes i do remember reading the blog where you conversed with Grandmother ant, and i will reread it and use your suggestions. thanks for the moth tip too. The moths are larger, beige gray, and were in the house that we just moved into recently, but again, thanks for th eadvice, angel!

Robert Shapiro said...

Angel, I'm glad that you are going to be able to apply. I am hopeful that you will have some success.

Patrice said...

Dear Robert,
I found the book on amazon and ordered it yesterday night. Then this morning I woke up very excited about your suggestions with the crows...Strange crows shouts around us...very quiet...then I want to buy some croissants for our breakfast at the nearest convenience store and the weather was so sweet that I just choose a street I never pass through. Then the raven was there, on the top of a house far ffrom me, I said your phrase and immediately he left him fall from the roof at my left side and in a very elegant curve on the wind went to the top of a house on my right and glanced at me. Then I said it againand goodlife! Wooof! He flew in mmy direction, nice beautifull curve without any strength, just using the resistance of the wind, and bach to the left but very close now, So I said "Goodlife" and he let him fall clother without flying, just his weight, he was just close to me something like 2 neters, very relaxed and friendly looking at me in the eyes, And I felt a very loving energy flowing. I said Thank you and goodlife and left, During the whole interaction the crow was silent, just expressing by fliying moving and glancing...I was so impressed, wanted to share the experience with you and the readers of this blog. Goodlife to all of you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you my friend Patrice for sharing your beautiful experience with the most magnificent bird person. It is a wondrous thing is it not - they do love to communicate and that particular one was kind enough to demonstrate the blessing you offered him by performing it.

Patrice said...

Yes, I felt really melting by seing this happen, such a Grace and such a kindness did I feel. In fact felt too emotional to go further in the exchange...
Keep inspiring us and giding us

patrice said...

Story of the crows (following)
This morning, cleaning in front of my house. A raven came on the electric pole at the corner of the house. I said the blessing and he kept silent for a while then left. I went on my cleaning and found a small (just about 1 and half finger) raven's feather. Took it and looked at it. Very surprising, half of it (the right side) is gradient green with a very clear yellow delimitation on the extreme may be common I don't know but for me it was the first time finding that ravens look black but in fact they wear different colors when we look at them more closely...We don't have many occasions to hug them or pat them so we can't watch them that close...Will keep my attention open...

PS: What would be the place you suggest to make "spiritual scuba diving" in Hawai? Never been but recently felt a strong drive to go there...let know why...

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for your continuing interest here. I appreciate your beautiful story of the raven and its multi-colored coat. It is definitely an analogy to that famous book is it not.

I have given long thought and consideration to your query about a good place to dive but you know, it is something I'm not familiar with and even though I am uncertain as to referring you I may still yet come up with a possibility but for now, I really have no knowledge of the subject.