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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Choices In The Reservoir Of Feelings, Part 4

I spoke to you recently about the reservoir of feelings. Here's how to draw the most benevolent feelings to you.

After you have done the other processes I've referred to before, then experiment. The next time you find yourself in a situation that is charged - meaning you can feel a strong sense of feelings of one way or the other and perhaps you are not certain what to do - it might be something simple - I would prefer that it would be - then this is what to do.

Say the Living Prayer I suggested in part 3, then wait just a moment - not long - a few seconds. Then feel - again with your heart and the warmth if you can but if you cannot focus into either the area of your physical heart or your solar plexus, whichever is easy for you, and focusing there and maintaining your physical focus there after having said the Living Prayer then ask to acquire physically the words to say that will feel - and that's the most important - feel physically the best to you and you can say them under your breath or quietly to yourself first to see how you feel physically in reaction to them or to speak them out loud if only words are called for.

I would prefer you do this as a situation where only words are called for, perhaps in some meeting or a conversation with friends. That's actually the best way to do it. I would prefer and I would recommend you do this in a situation where there's nothing riding on it you see - oh perhaps people are watching television you see - something like that where it's just a matter of a comment but you'll know by the reaction of others whether you have pulled on a feeling that is the best thing to say in that moment.

Remember, we're not just looking now for something where you get approval but rather what is the most benevolent thing to say that will have the most benevolent impact - meaning will be good for you and be good for others.

Often we cannot think of that in the moment, I know you've had those experiences - I have too where we remember a moment like that and we have a thought - we have the words later that would have been perfect for that moment but we didn't have them at that moment.

Let's practice this way first in such a situation as I said, like watching TV with others, where there's nothing really riding on what you say but where you can say something - following the suggestions I've made and see what an impact it has.

I'll say more about this in time as always but for now that's part 4 of this process.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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