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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados, Part 2

I started you last time on preparations towards influencing the path or direction of tornados. I feel I need to give you a little background though on the tornados themselves from the spiritual point of view which is my speciality.

Tornados are not simply scientific anomalies though they can be seen that way by some. They are energy transformers.

Mother Earth, as I've been taught, uses these cyclonic winds to pull on her own body - to pull out energies that are no longer compatible with her and in order to disperse these energies and make them less hurtful to her body she uses high winds moving in a cyclonic pattern to disperse these energies because if these energies stay in a solid mass they cause her harm and yes - pain.

She is not attempting to harm us, our houses, our cows, our animals, any of our buildings. She is trying to reach her own physical body - the land.

We have similar situations in our bodies. We have pains, we have aches, we have diseases - we have our own methods of treating them - our Physicians, our Chiropractors and others. Mother Earth does the same but for herself. So when you see a tornado, while it does cause terrible damage, pain and misery to many people know that it is not the intention of Mother Earth to do this.

If those houses or people were not there that tornado would still be going to those exact spots because having nothing to do with the people or the animals who are living there, there is something deep within her body that only the cyclonic action and the vacuum effect - or suction effect of a tornado can pull out energetically and disperse.

I feel it's important for you to know this so you do not feel that Mother Earth is trying to harm us. That is not her intention. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe.



Steve said...

Hey Robert,
This process you describe reminds me of cupping in acupuncture. Thanks and goodlife.

Louis said...

What a nice, clear explanation of the ways of Mother Earth. It sure makes a lot more sense than those who claim that tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are sent by God to punish humanity.

Thanks Robert and goodlife.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend, I do appreciate your comments and your acknowledgment. Thank you.


Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, thanks for your interesting comment in comparison with acupuncture.