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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Letting Go

Have you ever been overwhelmed by something that just either took you by storm or by complete surprise and there was really nothing you could do about it. Perhaps it didn't have anything to do with you, it might have happened to others or perhaps you were only peripherally involved but it upset you or set you on edge.

This may happen on a regular basis simply by watching the news and feeling compassion for those suffering. Many of you probably say prayers for those who are suffering and that's good, I do that too. I usually say Living Prayers - it is something we can do yes - but there are other times when a situation is so consistent and ongoing, such as wars as happen all over the world from time to time and are ongoing now unfortunately that wear you down and might even cause you to start getting upset on a regular basis because you are worrying.

When times like this come up when worry is overwhelming it is best to let it go but how to let something go. It is difficult that isn't it? There needs to be something physical involved in letting go I have found, in order for it to work well. This is what I use and I am hopeful it will work for you.

Instead of letting go which is kind of vague in my mind I do something else that we've all had to do from time to time simply because life can be difficult - yes. I have used something where it could be called - giving up.

Giving up and letting go are exactly equal in the physical feelings they produce. So this is what I recommend - if you have a comfortable chair, sit in that or anything where there are arms that you can grip onto even if the chair is not that comfortable but is adequate to sit in.

Then sit in the chair and grip the arms of the chair, not so much that it is uncomfortable for you but enough so that you can tell you're gripping something. Then as you gradually release your grip on the arms of the chair say out loud, "I give up" while you exhale a breath and then lean back after having released the arms of the chair and relax as much as possible.

This works for me. You can do it once, twice or even three times in a row if you feel it's necessary. I have on occasion done it once or twice in a row but usually once is enough. This has worked for me and I hope it works for you.



Steve said...

Hi Robert. I want to thank you for your continuing teachings and posts.. they make a very positive difference in my life. As you say, it is a goodlife. :^)

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, I appreciate your comment my friend.
Goodlife to you.

Seven said...

Very interesting concept. I shall give it a try!

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, thank you for your interest.

samuru999 said...

Wonderful post!
Robert, I am going to do what you suggested, and I just know it will work!
Thank you Robert!
And thank you for your wonderful visit and comment yesterday!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie for your comment and I wish you well on letting go and continuing your beautiful efforts on your expressive blog.