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Friday, February 09, 2007

Why I Channel

I want to talk for a moment about energy. In the course of my career I have done many things. One of them, as you have noted, is to channel at a very deep level.

Doing that not only allows me to bring through words of inspiration but much more importantly it allows energy from the most benevolent sources to flow through me and around me to co-ordinate all who are present into a feeling very similar to that which they had just before they were born.

When we are born here on Earth we come with an energy. Of course there is our soul and Creators spark yes but there is also an energy attuned to what we desire to do here as souls and also with Creators attunement for what we are able to do in the best way as possible for ourselves and others.

But as we all know throughout the course of life and trials and tribulations we have to face and go through we often loose that attunement - lose our way so to speak. This is why I have chosen to do this kind of channeling because it isn't words only.

Words are often magnificent but it is the energy that allows people to experience that re-attenuation. I feel good about that and I wanted to clarify the portion of the channeling experience that I feel so good about so that you could understand why - considering how disapproved of channeling may be by many people - why I would continue to do it in the face of that, sometimes, opposition.

So that's why - I have seen the value of the experience. I have noted many people who's lives have shifted as a simple result of being exposed to this energy. I have heard stories - and many of them at that from these individuals who have often reported on how they have been supported towards achieving their personal goals and fulfillment as a result of being exposed to this benevolent energy.

I do not claim to be the only person that does this but since I have seen these things I can say that I am one who has been blessed to be exposed to - and have been able to allow this abundant and beautiful energy to pass through me and provide this service.

I welcome those especially to Earth who are also performing such valuable contributions as I feel blessed to be able to provide. I am hopeful that my humble contribution is supporting life here as I have been guided to provide it in the most benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice Julien said...

Dear Robert,
I always visit your blogs but recently I have kept it is with great pleasure that today I want to give my personnal feedback to your post about this question of "Channeling".

You wrote :
"But as we all know throughout the course of life and trials and tribulations we have to face and go through we often loose that attunement - lose our way so to speak."

And coincidently it was related with what came through me in one of the last posts of my "Storyteller blog" titled "All channels".

The experiences of Jane Roberts with Seth opened a door in our until now limited human experiences. She did a great contribution to show us that we can bridge layers of existence and lift up the veil. Many dit it before her (Like Edgar Cayce) and the different prophets.

You too are part of this revelation. The problem I actually see is people talking about channeling as "something special" limited to special people.

I also have the impression that a book a simple man would write under his own name has more chances to be considered if it is presented as a channeled message from some famous entities.

I feel that it is time to understand that our life in his wholeness is a channeling process and that it is nothing special, just the way it is supposed to happen when we are ON OUR WAY.

I also feel it is the only way we can assume fully our part in the game as a Student, as a Father, as a Mother, as a Worker, as a Lover, as a Soldier,...

If not, who are we, just phantoms trapped in a meaningless drama...

Goodflife Bob!
With many thanks to all the Spirits who inspire all of us from the other side of the veil and to our contribution to the update of the Akashic Records...(smile)


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice - thank you for your comment on life, its qualities, its meaning and your experience and observations upon it.