The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today a few words about grounding - a feeling of being physically connected to the Earth in the present moment and of being in your body and aware physically of yourself in your body.

You have all heard about that and there are many, many ways to do it but I'd like to recommend one way that is actually fun - and you can do it.

For some of you it will involve using your imagination. For others you will be able to actually have feelings associated with it.

First let me talk about one of the most grounded types of beings on our planet and they're meant to be that way, I believe since it is in their very nature - and that is dogs.

When dogs make little sounds, not necessarily whimpers but the little sounds that they make sometimes because they are happy or because they are enjoying interacting with a human being - or other little sounds, their breath comes in the usual way and I'm not talking about how they use the mechanism of their body to breathe - I'm just talking about how the surface of their body interacts with their world.

But when a dog feels a sense of threat or even a happiness - in other words feelings that are pronounced, feelings that have an immediate action or reaction then dog almost always - barring some unusual circumstance alright - breathes in through the bottoms of his or her feet.

So figure it like this, a breath in through the feet then woof - yes - but there's more to it than that. There's also the source of the woof.

It can come - and those who live with dogs know that, depending upon the type of bark, it can come as a greeting in which case it might be a little higher pitched but as a warning it is almost always a little lower pitched regardless of how big or small dog is.

Now how can we use this if...there is a use for it? Oh yes there is.

If you are feeling particularly ungrounded or you're having the experience of feeling that way even momentarily and you feel a need at that time to be grounded then you can be dog for a moment.

You don't have to walk around and wag your tail but you can take a lesson from dog.

In this case this is what I recommend. First move your feet around a bit - alright. If you are outdoors move your feet around on the ground and if you are indoors then just move your feet around on the floor, on the carpet or whatever is below your feet. Ideally it is best to have no shoes on when doing this but it works almost as well with shoes on - alright.

So then this is what I recommend - once you are using your feet or even moving them around or if you wish simply conscious of the bottoms of your feet breathe in - of course you're going to use your usual breathing apparatus but make a point of breathing in through the bottoms of both feet.

Take in a breath and simply make a sound that is similar to woof - you can say woof if you want to. Try to incorporate the use of your diaphragm when you do this. That will produce a tone - alright - that is the most compatible with grounding.

Of course it is in the nature of simply breathing in that your diaphragm is involved but if you focus on the bottoms of your feet when you take in the breath and then focus on your diaphragm - meaning don't think about it - actually bring your bodies physical attention to that area as your attention may have been brought to the area of the bottom of your feet when you moved them - alright - and because you have just taken in a breath it'll be easy to transfer, after taking in the breath, your awareness to your diaphragm and then make a sound. It will probably be a little deeper sound then you might normally make.

If you can do this about 6 to 8 times you will feel more grounded.

I know there are other ways to do this - eating carrots or potatoes or doing other things like that but this is something that can be done in a moment without the need for anyone or anything else.

Just a little tip about grounding yourself when in an environment for instance where you cannot go outside and you cannot do other things with others, in short - grounding in a moment.


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