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The Wand Position
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcoming Life That Welcomes Us, Part 3

Alright, let us move on now to part 3 of our project to encourage the beings who exhale oxygen.

It is a challenge is it not - how do you welcome a life form that only can move in a limited fashion. Trees limbs can move in the wind yes, and if you've had the opportunity it is possible to be with a tree and without a breath of wind it can move - you may have tried that which I wrote about some time ago. So if you have and you've been doing this work as well perhaps you'd like to try todays project.

I'm going to suggest that you create a zone in time where trees and anything that exhales oxygen can be safe. First of all lets say the following living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings who are harmonious with us by exhaling oxygen as part of their natural process feel welcome and be safe on this planet to interact with us and to live with us in the safest and most benevolent way."

After you've said that wait a few minutes and then I want you to try something else if you like.

Imagine for a moment a experience that you might have with the sun - and imagine yourself as a sun but not hot. Rather as a light source you might conceivably function to broadcast the transitional element for plants.

Keep in mind that photosynthesis actually helps plants to acquire the necessary capabilities to perpetuate themselves. So for a moment see if you can be a sun on the Earth in the most peaceful, bright and in this case cool way. Now travel or see yourself traveling on the surface of the Earth anyplace you'd like to go and what you leave behind you is a pathway that encourages, supports and plants in the earth the capacity of a sun's photosynthesis giving power.

After you've done this for a time - relax. I know this may seem like a normal creative visualization but for those of you who've been reading and doing the work on this blog and perhaps on my other - Benevolent Magic you have by now developed capabilities that can allow you to feel the combined energy of each other doing this work.

It is my intention to leave this planet some day, as we all must, and to leave you here until the end of your time here to carry on this work and I believe you can do so by interacting with each other yes - and by interacting most benevolently with the Earth. I am hopeful you shall do so.


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