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The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Wind

Do you know that there is an element of Mother Earth's body that is in contact with almost everyone almost all the time, and depending upon how you define it you could say, at least most of the time all the time - and that is her wind.

Mother Earth's wind is her communication system not only with herself but all those living on her surface. She distributes material from one place to another and she connects all of her forms of life with all the other forms of life with her wind.

The air - the atmosphere, you know, on Mother Earth - is not the same as her wind. I will talk about the air another time but for now I'll say just a little more.

Her wind is in contact with our imaginations - did you know that? How often we have been inspired when we see a breeze ruffle the leaves of a tree perhaps after a dew or a light rain and there is a brief rainbow brought about as a result.

It is truly that Mother Earth in her personality is eden, the garden we've heard about even though we don't always see that side of her. Mother Earth is after all a multileveled person not unlike we are. She has her days of being strident and she has her days or evenings of being mellow, calm and friendly.

Generally speaking, considering how vital she is as a planet, she's pretty welcoming most of the time though not everywhere. There are parts of her body that she prefers we do not go to that much any more. I have spoken about that here or on my other blog from time to time and you can search that topic anytime you wish.

I'd say though in general that her wind makes contact with our imaginations and our hearts to inspire us to achieve and to inspire others, to provide enlightenment through the use of our own facilities and to generally provide a way to bring about a benevolent life.

I know that sometimes she uses her wind in powerful ways as in hurricanes and tornados which I've spoken about here but generally speaking it is a means to communicate and to connect.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rob & Co.
I must add my 2 cosmic sense here! The wind or breath of the Earth is one of the dearest elements that exists. without the breath we couldn't survive long, and along with sunlight, water and food, oxygen is a vital need (sorry Maslow). I speak to the wind and tell It how much I love It, though at certain times of the year it is quite confounding, but the first element outside of our bodies, and the last to go when we leave is the breath connected to the wind, is this not a sweet, and transient collaboration?

Without it we couldn't speak or communicate to each other, or kiss for that matter. It always let's us know what It is feeling although it is usually associated with the mind. Thanks for your constant enlightening and innovating perspective, dear friend!
Best regards,
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for passing on your wisdom and your experience Bobby.