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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clearing Lenses

Did you know that lenses, yes all lenses, acquire even when we are not using them. Of course we understand that the lenses in our eyes acquire. We see things and thus they are acquired. Not only are they acquired in terms of our perception but also in our consciousness for visuals are stored aren't they - often brought back up again. Not always necessarily viewed the same from person to person but present and occasionally omnipresent - but what about man-made lenses - binoculars, glasses and other types of lenses.

Do you know that even when you are not using them that they also acquire. They may not acquire with the same consciousness of a human being nor do they have memory retention so there's no need to worry about that but they can acquire to the degree where they might need to be cleansed.

Here's how to do that. For those of you who are already working with energies as many of you are then this is what I recommend. That place where you feel that benevolent energy the most breathe in through that part of your physical body and then with your right hand - whether you are right or left handed matters not - with your right hand and arm hold the lens or the device holding the lens such as binoculars or glasses in such a way as the lenses are pointing away from you - meaning not directly at you or the best way you are able and exhale with as much force as you feel comfortable doing - not very hard but blow out with some gentle force while exhaling out through your right hand and arm that is holding the object with the lenses.

Remember always when you are doing this to aim your right hand and arm holding the object out through a window - meaning towards a window if you would that goes out and up away from all human beings and all human activity.

If you are outdoors and you are in a big city then you can simply aim it up, not down. If on the other hand you can aim it in some direction away from human activity or places where human beings might gather then that is what to do.

It will be dissolving in space quickly enough but there is no point in unintentionally throwing energies that may be uncomfortable towards anyone though most likely, and I will build that in later on in this post, that will not occur.

Do you know, doing that clearing once with that benevolent energy will clear the object completely. Now after you do that hold the object to you and notice how different it feels. It feels better doesn't it.

Now for those of you who do not know how to work with energies or have not begun doing that, though I've given instructions over time on my Benevolent Magic blog and this one and also as you may or may not know or recall one thing builds on another with these two blogs of mine, then this is what you can do if you like. I recommend you say the following living prayer.

You could say, "I am asking that all my lenses including the lenses of my eyes and retention of my mind be cleared and allowed to come to the point of complete comfort for me when I use them and that this comfort allows me to experience, view and perceive in the most benevolent way."

Now - you understand that living prayer is attuned for you as a person because this is something you might do for yourself but you understand it is in the nature of living prayers that light beings will co-ordinate and support them and that also all souls on Earth of all beings will co-operate insofar as they are able and comfortable to do so. I have spoken about this before and thus you will find that it will improve, most likely, your experience of these lenses and I might add because of the way this living prayer is worded will probably improve the experience of those lenses should others use them in the case of binoculars or telescopes for example.

Well I thought I'd pass that on to you today because it is not something that is largely or widely known, though some of you perhaps are aware of it. Still, it's good to share these things isn't it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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