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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hand Motions In Autism - Can There Be Another Meaning

Alright, something brief but that which I feel is important. Many of you have heard of the challenges parents face with the many and varied symptoms of what is called autistic in youngsters. This has come to be more of a variety of symptoms then very narrow specific symptoms as they may have been more so in the past. Certain new unusual behaviors are seen but I wish to mention one of them today not because I want to interfere with doctors and other health practitioners in helping these youngsters and their families but rather because I feel that it is important to let you know that there is more going on here then meets the eye.

Sometimes it is possible to communicate in hand language. We all are familiar with or have heard of sign language that people use and have used down through the ages and that people even use today whether they can speak or understand another persons language to say nothing of speaking with passion and strong feelings where one tends to naturally use their hands but what you may not know is that there are other forms of communion that take place associated with hand motions.

Let me explain. Some time ago when I was living with one of my favorite spiritual cats I had the opportunity to communicate with a different life form based upon the interaction of my cat, that life form and me and the upshot of that was that I discovered that sometimes it is possible to receive a form of communication that involves hand motions even though you as a person may not understand what that hand motion means.

It is possible to sleep and dream deeply during sleep and to wake up and have a sense of what that motion means. In my case since I've had so much training I was able to interpret what the motion means and because my spiritual cat was present, by her behavior in my speaking out loud what those hand motions meant I was able to ascertain that I got it right or that I didn't get it right.

And the way that works for those of you who have spiritual cats you're living with is that if you speak something out loud whether it has to do with the cat or not - if they are working with you and co-operating with you in your spiritual ventures the cat will either turn their head away or walk away if you're getting it wrong but if you speak the thing that it is about the cat will look right at you or come over to you or acknowledge in some way like that that you've got it right.

So I'm bringing this up because there are youngsters now who fall under the general heading of autistic but one of the things about autistic youngsters is that they are very in touch spiritually and may pass on communion from spirit beings who are present.

You may know this, you may not. Spirit has been attempting to reach out to us human beings here on Earth for a long time in a lot of ways and now as is not unusual the most receptive of us human beings are able to interpret, if not communicate well, those messages - and by interpret I mean demonstrate those messages.

So do not assume that your youngsters making those hand signs and waving their arms around - that it is some problem with their autism, if they have that - whether they are high functioning or not. It may very well be a form of communion from loving spirit beings.

In my experience before with that communion with those spirit beings and with the assistance of my spiritual cat I found that they were profoundly loving, had wonderful advice to offer and I benefited from the experience.

Again, I'm not trying to tell you how to conduct your therapies with your children or with your patients but I do feel it's important to pass on this experience I've had and I believe may be - possibly - occurring with at least some of these youngsters.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Eileen Meyer said...

Robert, I feel that this message is very important for the many people who are related or work more directly with "autistic" children to hear. I encourage your readers to forward this posting far and wide so that many may be comforted and encouraged by it. Thank you for continuing to bless us with your wisdom born from communion.

Robert Shapiro said...

Eileen, thank you for your comment. I do appreciate and I am hopeful that this message I have posted will be of comfort and ease for many.

Goodlife my friend.

Monique A. Perzylo said...

Hello, I do not know much about autism per se. However, a few months ago I came across the following book regarding this woman's work with autism.

Reader's Digest,
Today's Best Non-Fiction, First Edition, Volume 20, ISBN 0-88850-355-5

Page 455, LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE, A Family's Triumph Over Autism
By Catherine Maurice.
Catherine Maurice is the pseudonym of a New York woman who wrote Let Me Hear Your Voice in order to share with others the story of her family's battle against autism. Her hope is that her book will help throw some light on this mysterious affliction- and on the therapies available to treat is. Mrs. Maurice's children Anne-Marie and Michel continue to flourish in regular schools, and both children are reading well. The author plans to work on other writing projects, both non-fiction and fiction, and to remain active within the autism community, helping parents in whatever way she can while still protecting her family's privacy. END QUOTE (p.575) … 0449906647


Robert Shapiro said...

Monique, thank you for your comment and for providing extra information.