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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Many Kinds Of Inspiration

Many of you may have wondered - what is the relationship between what I put here on the blogs and what you find in the books.

It all has to do with speaking with inspiration. Granted, what you find in the books has me speaking with inspiration at a very deep level and what you find on the blogs has me speaking with inspiration at a level that is not quite as deep but is intended to integrate my life experience as well as the teaching I've received from spirit.

It is a wonderful thing sometimes you know - life. I know we all struggle, we have pains and discomforts - I'm like that too but life can also be a wonderful teacher and I have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers that I choose to share with you in these books that you can acquire if you're so inclined.

This teaching has allowed me to integrate that which fits into my life at different times - we all do that don't we. We read something and if it feels like it fits in our life we integrate it when the time is right and other times we integrate something else. It is the flow of life isn't it and we all choose to pick the path of balance if at all possible. I want to share something with you along those lines.

I just had the most wonderful experience. I had observed rain from a cloud going into the sea and was inspired to write something for Mystical Man. Then what I experienced was a gift that followed.

The energy before, during and after my inspiration was particularly wonderful and a beautiful bird I had seen from a distance I felt might have supported that inspiration. I saw that bird before the inspired material came to me.

After that inspiration I was making a few personal notes and I happened to get a sense of motion outside the window. I looked up and there was that beautiful bird so close I could almost touch her with her huge wingspread and bright white breast - such a beautiful being. I felt a great sense of balance with her.

And she circled around close staying near for a time helping me to feel in complete balance with her and I'd like to think that because of that beautiful energy I felt that she was attracted to that - feeling in balance with it and the two of us shared our balance together.



Louis said...


What a beautiful experience. Aren't moments such as this truly awe inspiring? Talk about magic, this seems to have the divine touch.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend, thank you for your comment. Yes, magical indeed.

Goodlife my friend.