The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Communion With Other Species, Part 3

Now I have spoken about this before but it is time to share a little bit with you. For those of you who can go out to the woods you may have more opportunities to use this but for those of you who cannot go you can still do this in the park sometime or someplace where there are animals that are free - not pets. It could frighten pets and that's not a good thing to do.

This is what I recommend. First find a tree that you can lean up against when no one else is leaning against it - that's why it would be helpful to go out into the woods.

Then feel yourself ease into your arms and then down into your hands as I described before. After that stay in your body but move into the tree and notice the change of density.

Be focused only on the tree - it's alright to close your eyes if you need to. Feel the treeness as part of you. If there are leaves then feel the leaves and the sun perhaps shining on them or the elements interacting with the leaves or perhaps they are needles or at this time of the year perhaps even branches without leaves anymore. Focus enough on the tree that you and the tree are one - then wait.

You might soon hear the sound of someone moving through the woods - stay focused on the tree. If you like you can have a friend nearby but if this is the case they must also know how to do this work so they do not frighten animals away.

Then when the sound gets closer stay focused on the tree but open your eyes. Try not to move at all, so when you begin this thing you must be in a comfortable position and a safe place to sit - okay - and open your eyes slightly.

Perhaps there will be a deer or a squirrel or a bird nearby. Close your eyes again and then open them slightly if the sound gets any louder.

Let me explain what's going on. While this homework is geared in the invisibility work you are not invisible to yourself and for the most part, not to others but what happens is that you become a portion of a life form that is in complete balance and at ease with the world around that form of life - in this case being a tree.

The woods is best because the tree will probably have been welcomed into the land and grown naturally rather than having been planted by human beings.

But there is an invisibility of a sort and that means that you and the tree becoming so much like one being it is possible that some may not see you, some human beings may not either for they will see the tree and not you. Don't do this though to fool human beings for you cannot be certain if that will work and you can never be certain as to their reaction when they do notice you - but do this only to experience a greater closeness with plant world and animal world.

If there is an animal that might frequent the woods that is dangerous such as a cougar or a bear try not to go there. So make sure you know your territory. But you might have a chance you see, to see creatures in their natural world and because you are attempting to blend with the natural world in that way they might honor your attempt and allow you to see them.

I may say more about this topic in time but for right now I am just saying remember your true nature. As a physical being on this planet you can learn to be a portion of nature rather than separate from it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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