The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Creating Anew

When one finds oneself in the following circumstance it can be difficult but it must be considered now.

One of the things we've been able to do on this planet for our whole lives, as well as our ancestors, has been to think whatever we want to think.

Granted, in regimes in the past and some even today peoples thoughts - even those - are enforced up to a degree but generally speaking we can think what we want to think. Those times are changing and not because of some regimentation.

They're changing because it's important to realize our own capacity for creating now. Have you noticed - if you have a thought that is a fear or a worry there is a reaction in your physical body now. Almost immediate - almost bordering on if that thing actually happened.

So - now we have to recognize something. Because that is so there's another possibility. Now it is time to consider what we want and need in the most benevolent way for ourselves and others and not in that sense make it fantastic or sci-fi like but make it real, believable and possible.

In the past we did these things as meditations or even prayers and hoped and wished that things would get better and perhaps even worked towards that end but now it is possible and I want you all to try this at your convenience.

I want you to imagine, not in the kind of detail that involves dollars or whatever your currency is but I want you to imagine your life getting better in some benevolent way that does not involve the manipulation of others.

So this could be the acquisition of some property, something that improves the quality of your life - perhaps a better job - in short I want you to imagine being with that property, being in that better job - you understand. I want you to imagine it to the degree that you can feel yourself walking around in it, being associated with it.

Say it's a new couch - sitting on the couch or laying down on it - whatever you want. If it is a better car imagine yourself driving it but feel yourself in the car holding the steering wheel, moving the shift lever, turning the turn signals - like that.

Just do this once - don't make a habit of it - whatever it is that you want or need and you will find that your opportunities to move in the direction of your desire will be more available to you.

As I say don't make it something unbelievable like flying like superman - something like that but rather make it something that is attainable. I'm recommending you try this not just as an experiment but as something that is unlike worry.

It is manifestation technique. Now I know a lot of you have tried these things in the past and gave up - try again. What's the harm? It's worth an effort eh. Make it fun and then watch your life. That's what I recommend. Just something pleasant for today.


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