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The Wand Position
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Friday, December 07, 2007

More To Consider About Instinct

Instinct - we all have it whether we're aware of it or not. One finds it in the tiniest creatures and the most gigantic. Some believe, and science has pursued this, that instinct, thought, the mind and the nervous system are connected - they are partly right.

The nervous system is associated with instinct but that's because the nervous system and instinct are part of the same sympathetic vibration, as it's called - meaning that they respond and correspond with each other.

Thought is always in response to - and therefore thought often responds to instinct. Say you are going someplace and you get a sudden feeling. What is that? Meaning that you get the feeling and your thought springs to action - what is that? So you see, here is thought responding but in fact what comes first is feeling.

I'm not saying that thought cannot trigger feelings. What I am saying is that instinct is on its own and has to be. How else would little tiny creatures and huge creatures and even forms of life we don't consider to be creatures at all - biological, plant based - have and/or demonstrate instinct as has been brought out in various books and studies.

It happens because they don't need to have thought. They're not here to learn anything, they're not here to discover anything though they have available to them the opportunity to discover, to notice, to observe, to consider perhaps.

So - it is for us here to learn and to discover applications of different ways of being within this world. This is what I believe and it is based upon my observations, what I have learned and what I have discovered through the course of teaching.

I am not trying to throw down the gauntlet between myself and those who believe that thought creates all things. There was a time when I believed something along those lines but now I've come to realize that while thought can trigger it is most often the after effect of instinct.

Instinct has to do with what we feel and how we react - as the deer in the woods hears a twig snap does not pause to analyze the possible ramifications of that but moves in the opposite direction, often quickly, from that sound - or at least as quickly and silently as possible.

We often react to instinct without thought as well - perhaps a food we don't eat, perhaps a fragrance we're not sure about, perhaps a crowd and weaving our way through it - we go this way, not that way.

Sometimes that is simply a matter of how we can get through the crowd. Other times we take a route on purpose. Oh yes we might see someone or something we're attracted to, other times simply it is a pattern we weave through the crowd that works well for us while others moving one way or another are weaving past us or around us as well.

I believe that instinct is a source of a great deal of wisdom that is here to be tapped and I have written about it on these blogs and will do so again. This is just a reminder of my belief in the physical as a stimulant to our survival and also a stimulant to our thoughts in its own enigmatic and often benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Kirsten said...

Thank you, Robby! This is great. Goodlife