The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reaching Back To Ourselves Now

The times we are living in now are very closely tied to who or what - the future of our existence or not? I'm not talking about hazards here or problems.

Rather there are beings, ourselves really, looking in on us from the future. I've been presented with the evidence of this. There is a thing I've spoken of before many times and that is portals or sometimes known as windows. If you ever see them it's usually out of the corner of your eye. It might just look like a flash of light but it will usually have a regular shape, perhaps slightly rounded in the form of a window or an opening. It won't have a jagged or rugged look, that would be something else.

These days those portals are most often from our future with our future selves looking back trying to help us in any way they can to get through these challenging times.

One of the ways they've been helping us is to encourage us to be more conscious of our physical feelings and Mother Earth has been working on that too as well as Creator, I believe.

I've come to be aware that I have feelings in my body that I haven't really noticed before and I have a feeling you may have as well. These things are not always a harbinger of some discomfort.

Sometimes it is more like a period of waking up. When we wake up from sleep we're not always immediately conscious of our physical body - usually we're between worlds. That is if we wake up without an alarm or waking up without it being sudden and in those moments we gradually become aware of our physical bodies.

Nowadays we are experiencing that same kind of situation and I will speak more about that here as time goes on but for now I'd like you just to notice when you wake up or even during the day - do you feel yourself from the inside out? Do you have feelings on your skin that you haven't had before?

I believe our future selves, in the most benevolent way, are trying to contact us and I believe if they were here they would say - in order to feel and experience your world more benevolently you have to look more benevolently on your fellow human beings, on the animals, on the plants and recognize that it is in your nature to be born of love, to feel love and to express it in the most benevolent, kind and gentle ways.

On that note I will say goodlife.

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