The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

True Magic For Support And Help

How many of us have wanted and needed support when it was not there. How often this comes up. Sometimes it's just a friendly face - maybe a hand on the shoulder - nothing major. Other times it's in a relationship where one simply needs a hug or a kind word.

How often do we bump up against our own reluctance to ask for help. We're not born with this reluctance, it's trained into us. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Either you have bumped up against it yourself or had it bump up against you.

There are times when you need support and times when others need it. I want to give you something you can do now whereby you can help yourself to find that support.

First I recommend you sit down someplace or you can lay down on your back if you like. Try to have it as quiet as possible. If you are living in a noisy area you can use earplugs but don't plug your fingers into your ears.

Try to do it when it's as quiet as it can be then simply say this living prayer, "I am asking for the next 24 hours to have all the benevolent energies that are available for me to be with me when I say and do to bring about magic that will support benevolence, communication and heart to heart." Some of you may feel energy right then, some of you a little while later. If you happen to fall asleep for a few minutes that's okay - even an hour - don't worry about it.

Then sometime within that time framework of 24 hours go outside, or if you happen to have a porch where you can be under the sky - in the open you see - that might do in a pinch. Look up into the sky where you see the moon and placing your feet on the ground, ideally with your feet in contact with the ground unless it's cold where you are then wherever you put your feet outdoors or if you have to on the porch, look up at the moon.

If it's very bright you can just open and close your eyes or have your eyelids down a ways but glance regularly at the moon off and on for about a minute - not much more than that. After you have looked at the moon look down at the earth in front of your feet for about 30 seconds. Don't time it just make your best guess. Then look back up at the moon again.

Then reach with your right hand with palm down and fingers relaxed and thumb as well towards the moon. Then with your left hand down by your left leg but not touching it - also fingers relaxed aimed towards the earth with your palm in the direction of your left leg say these words, "I am asking that all those to whom I speak can hear me and understand my words and my meaning now in the most benevolent way and those whom I wish to hear I will be able to hear and understand in the most benevolent way."

Continue to hold your arms in that position for about 10 to 15 seconds after completing the saying of those words. Then relax, look down at the ground. Turn around once - meaning rotate on the land where you have been standing - to your left so that you are having made a complete circle - just one.

Then you may turn to your left and go back to where you wish to be or on to where you wish to go. Don't turn to your right. Just leave it there - and what you are leaving there is the energy of what you have planted there to do the most good for you and others. Don't be concerned if others walk there - human being or animal within a short time after you have done this, they will just spread the energy and that may help.

If you need to go to someplace that is to your right after doing this then turn to your left a few times until you are going in the direction of your right, if you understand my meaning.

If you can help it, though you may not be able to, try not to turn to your right until you are at least 25 feet away from the place you have done this work. There's a reason. It has to do with the creation of what you are asking for to come about in the way you have requested it. This is a form of true magic.

Make an effort that the person to whom you wish to speak and understand you or to whom you wish to hear and understand them, that you approach them for this talk or this support sometime within the next 24 to 48 hours after you have said this and done this. It will be most effective for 72 hours. After that it will gradually fade.

You can do this 3 times in your life - so make it count. Use it only at those times when you are having a misunderstanding with someone perhaps or when something is not going well and you need to have somebody understand you - not to do your bidding, not to follow your orders - simply to understand what it is you are saying and what it is you may be unable to say but what you are feeling and trying to express.

There is no guarantee that it will work but it may help and it is always my intention to offer you as much help as I am able here. Remember, no more than 3 times in your lifetime. It will help, I believe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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