The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Second Sun

There's something I need to tell you about. There's an event coming up within the next few weeks though I cannot be absolutely certain what day it will be. My best guess is that it will be 10 and a half days from now.

What's going to happen is that an energy associated with a distant sun is going to be re-energizing our sun and the planets in our solar system.

Generally speaking this will be a good thing but there is one thing that could happen and I'd like those of you who are actively involved in spiritual practices as well as performing some of the things I've been teaching here to perhaps do a little something and I'll tell you why.

That distant sun is not entirely compatible with the makeup of our own sun. It has an element associated within it that is not only not of our physical makeup in this solar system but has a feature that causes a cooling capacity in sun energy. Nevertheless it is needed by our sun in order to be able to produce greater energy of support for our solar system.

So this is what I'd like you to do. Picture the sun in the sky or if it's a warm sunny day you can go outside and be in the sun but don't look at it. Then standing facing the north make one slow rotation turning to your left. Then stop when you are again facing the north in that same place you started.

After you have done that raise both your arms slowly and bring your hands together palm to palm with fingers aimed straight ahead including your thumbs. Have your arms in front of your chest and say these words, "I am asking that our sun be stable and be able to assimilate the distant sun's energy now in the most benevolent way for our planet and the other planets in this solar system and that the balance our sun experiences be sufficient and complete in order to perform the task at hand."

After you've said those words remain in that position with your arms outstretched for approximately another half a minute but don't time it - just make your best guess.

Then put your hands down at your sides again and make 1 more slow rotation to the left ending facing north. Then you can step to your left and step out of your circle which you will have created by rotating in that fashion and resume your life.

I just thought I'd let you know about this since I know many of you have spiritual practices and if you do not do what I am suggesting here then perhaps you will do your own.


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