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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Making Contact

There are times coming now, in many places they're already here, where we as human beings will have to interact with other beings on this planet - meaning not only our beloved dogs and cats but those who live in the wild. They might even be butterflies, they could certainly be caterpillars and perhaps even beetles.

All of these beings plus others - birds and larger beings have perceptions that are not cluttered by the lessons that we as souls and spirits have come here to learn and master.

They are here to live as well as possible and wait until we are ready to interact with them in benevolent ways. Some of them have suffered long and some have had to just give up but others are determined to make benevolent contact with us but we, because of our history here on this planet as human beings, must make the first step.

Given that, I would like to suggest something for you all to try. It is something that I feel has great value and I'm hopeful that you will also agree.

Have you ever noticed when you speak to a dog or perhaps another pet, perhaps somebody else's, that if you speak in a loving tone and especially if you're feeling that love or at least calm or peace that regardless of what you're saying and really regardless of what language you're speaking that that pet, whether yours or another's, will relax - become calm and perhaps even be friendly.

It is a time now when we must learn to communicate that way with others on this planet who are not like us and what I mean by that - who are not human beings.

Practice if you can - whether it be a squirrel, whether it be a deer or whether it be an ant. Practice with who is available and who does not run away at your appearance.

Remember - sometimes when animals run away it's not because they're frightened of you, though that might also be the case, sometimes it simply means that they have other business to do. They are living their lives and they have lives to live.

So if they turn away from you or walk away from you or even run away from you don't be offended. They have other things to do. Simply say, "Goodlife" at their retreating forms so that they will know that you are not insulted and also so that they will know that they are safe in moving away from you but for those that stop and choose to listen, first be certain that you are focused in a loving place in your heart or wherever you feel that most benevolent love and then begin to speak.

Use words that your mind recognizes as loving - meaning something that is comforting. This way your mind will be in concordance with your feelings.

Speak and tell them how much you appreciate their staying on the planet to make contact with humans. Tell them that you and other humans will be attempting to make contact in whatever way is benevolent for both of you - speaking to that animal you see.

Now it's possible if they are very small you may not be able to detect their acknowledgment but in the case of an ant - if the ant truly trusts you and you have demonstrated true benevolent love and mean it - not just pretending - they will know - then the ant might do something extraordinary. Perhaps they will sit down and listen - ants can sit you know. If they do that you will know they believe you.

In the case of a deer, perhaps the deer will look at you, pause and acknowledge you in some way. They will do that if they believe you.

This is a time to make these contacts not only for our own benefit with the other beings who live on this planet that we may learn from them - for they have tales to tell but also so that we may show spirit, souls, angels, guides - yes Creator and certainly beings from other worlds that we are prepared to make a loving safe contact with them that they may guide us, teach us and help us to live more benevolent lives here on Earth.

Creator has seen fit to surround us with other beings that we might practice with and perhaps discover that they have something to tell us. We may get this as a word, we may get it as a feeling from them. It might even come through as a dream but it will always and only be in response to what we have transmitted to them.

Feelings are the most important but we use the words that are in concordance with those feelings so we be reminded mentally as well what the purpose is. The purpose is to make true communication which I have sometimes referred to as communion - not in reference to the religious rite - but a form of communication that is so close, so benevolent and so endearing to both parties that there is a mutual feeling that both feel and that the feeling of love within your body, which some of you may feel as a warmth, is actually heightened.

For example - I had this experience once simply when saying, "Goodlife" with a good feeling of benevolence and kindness to a tree and I was feeling warmth at the time.

The warmth was certainly greatly heightened in me to the point where I had never felt that much warmth before and I realized that the tree and I were creating a third thing. The tree felt warmth, I felt warmth and between us we created another level of that warmth.

So I am suggesting you begin that work. You will find that there are teachers all around and about you. Do this once or twice and learn to interact with other life forms benevolently. It might just lead to a good place for you, your friends, your family and perhaps ultimately for all the people of the Earth.

We have problems here on Earth and we need help beyond our own technological capabilities. We can begin to use our natural - born to abilities. We are born as loving beings so we don't really have to learn anything new here. We just have to practice what we already know and feel.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Alma said...

Thank you Robert.
Beautifully expressed.
I tend to comunicate with everything around me and almost always receive a feedback, even when communicating with my car before turning the key in the early hours of every new day....!

Life, as I see it and live it, is not so much about serving each other as about complementing each other.

It comes down to the same thing yet expressed in a different mode.

Goodlife & Goodtimes,

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Marite, thank you for your wonderful comment and your acknowledgment that everything is alive which I know, believe and practice as well.

It is a comfort knowing that isn't it because there is a definite sense of continuity that has preceded us, that accompanies us and that will follow us. I find great comfort in that.