The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Physical Messages

Have you noticed something that's changed for you physically lately? Remember how in the recent past we were able to ignore certain body urgencies. Oh you felt hungry or oh you felt sleepy but you pushed on - and all kinds of other clues our body gives us.

You will find now that you may not be able to avoid those clues. You may have to act immediately when you get those clues or your body will give you much more insistent clues or hints about what it needs and right fast too.

What's this all about? As we come into this time now where we are merging more with our complete selves our bodies do not wish to be left behind. After all we have come here as souls to explore what it's like on the physical plane, how immediate things are and how they accumulate and how attention must be paid to the physical - and now that we are merging with our total being in conscious and unconscious ways, our physical bodies are feeling a little nervous.

Have you noticed how nervous you feel these days even when you're not being prompted by this or that event or this or that circumstance? It seems to be an underlying nervousness for which there is no apparent explanation. I believe it is entirely because our physical bodies are concerned that we're going to forget the purpose of our being on this physical plane.

There is therefore something you can do about this and this is what you can do. When you get that feeling in your body - oh I'm hungry or oh I have to go to the bathroom, something like that, don't set it aside and forge on with your work if you possibly can address that need right away.

You might have to haul around some small item of food with you because eating is one of the primary ones that your body will really demand that you fulfill. You can bring anything you want that will satiate your hunger. I recommend protein of some sort so that your body can work on it and it will carry you over a bit to lunch time or dinner time or tea time and you can extrapolate as regards to other body hints and clues.

My feeling is that this merging that is going on for us with our total beings while we are in existence on the physical plane also is effecting the physical plane. Yet we are still physical. We are human beings in physical bodies besides being spiritual beings - so during this time of conscious and even unconscious transformation lets pay attention to our physical bodies needs. I believe this attention is not only warranted but will result in rewards that we know little about at this time.

I will say more about this soon. Goodlife.


Joan Norton said...

I love these comments of helpfulness because, to me, they are in resonance with my understanding of "bringing forward" the feminine energies within everybody. Long ago our bodies were assigned by many religions to "women" and disregarded as such. Women not held in high esteen equals bodies not held in high esteem. In my own spiritual context, this has been the saga of removing the Magdalene from the story of sacred love. She returns now and with her comes high regard for our bodies' wisdom and in-the-moment direction giving.
"Do this in memory of Her"
Thanks a trillion billion for all your help over the years!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Joan, thank you for your wisdom and your ongoing contributions. It's a pleasure to have your comments here on A Mystical Man's World.

Your comments bring to mind another old friend named Nancy Safford: I'm sure you know her.