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The Wand Position
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Creation Speak, Part 4

I've been mentioning in this series that some of you may be having dreams or even sensations that you know have nothing to do with your life. I gave the example of the fish - of you experiencing for a moment their life and I mentioned the dreams.

This is especially important for dreams. Should you have a dream that is upsetting but upon waking you discover when considering the images in the dream that it was not you - that the people in the dream did not look like you or that the perspective you had in the dream, if you did not see yourself, was not one that could be you - this is typical these days - then this is what to do. Get in the habit of doing this, it will be a comfort.

First off if you can say out loud a few words of the dream if it was upsetting - what we sometimes call a nightmare - if you can say a few words about it, not a comment on it, not an opinion but rather...this happened and that happened - just for a few seconds it almost guarantees that you won't have that dream again when you fall back to sleep from your waking because the dream was so upsetting.

After you say those few words pause for about 30 seconds or so. Don't look at the clock, just make your best guess, 20 seconds is probably alright too - then say the following living prayer.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings who may in any way be involved in the dream vision I just had receive all the help, love and support they need now in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them." Try to memorize that living prayer.

For many of you after you've said that you'll get a good energy - it'll feel good to you and it might even relax you so you'll be able to go back to sleep quickly. That's what I recommend. I wanted to provide this since there was a request about what to do should you have an upsetting dream. This is what to do...but there is more.

Suppose you have that experience not as a dream but as something like a daydream - meaning that you close your eyes for a moment, maybe you're thinking deeply about something, and you have that type of experience - it just pops in for a moment and it's upsetting or agitating.

Two things to do. One: if you are near a window or outside just think of the vision for a moment. Don't dwell on it, just think of it for a moment and blow - just blow breath out of your mouth. You don't have to blow mightily, just blow with some gentle force. Try to blow it towards the sky rather than towards the ground for we walk on the ground or others do - they could pick it up. Blow it towards the sky as I said.

If you're in a building and there is no way to do that because you cannot see the sky then this is what to do. If you know what direction the sky is in, and you probably do, try to get to some portion of the building that has only a wall separating you and the outdoors - and always know that when you blow like this it doesn't make any difference whether there is a wall, whether there is a door or whether there is a window, the energy goes right through it.

So...when you can then blow that towards the sky but as I said, some of you will not be able to get anywhere near that place so immediately say to yourself or whisper or say out loud if you can that same living prayer I mentioned above. It will help, and you see it is inclusive since you were involved in the vision or the dream as I mentioned before - it includes you. So any comforts that you may need may more easily come to you in the most benevolent way. That's what I recommend. Goodlife.

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