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The Wand Position
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time Perception

What's it like in the natural world - a place where we're all from - and we have been migrating through our technological and other world for lo these many hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. What an amazing time to be alive eh? Now we're migrating right out of this towards the natural world but what is the natural world?

What does it feel like as compared to what we think it may be. I've had a few experiences. Some of them have been marvelous - wonderful energy. Heart centered - feeling heart centered in me as well. Occasionally the experiences are odd, strange. Shifts in time. Time as a thought but not an experience.

I've written a bit about time including recently
and some of it can be experienced and noted in the following manner. This is an experience I've had recently and that's that a great deal more can happen during experiential time - meaning the amount of time you might note that goes by because you glance at a clock for instance or you do many things and then after another noted volume of energy like what I mentioned before in this post there is a passage of experience and one glimpses the clock and what - what's this? Only three or four minutes of actual physical time have gone by.

I had an experience like that very recently and I realized as I emerged from it that I had been in the natural world with lots of benevolent energy and benevolent interactions between people. I happened to see a young couple during that and they were cheerful and laughing and having a good time. Everything else looked perfectly normal although I did feel different.

I may say more about this in time so to speak :-) but for right now I want to let you know that the feelings of the natural world are so wonderful. The energy is marvelous and the people you meet are cheerful and comfortable in their lives.

I believe a great many of you will live to experience this in our now experience of life and I also believe that we all experience this when we pass over and move on.

Just another note here on the pulse of experience and the passage of same. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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