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The Wand Position
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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Friend To Calm You

There is an energy now of nervousness - I know you can feel it. In some cases it's anticipation and that can be anticipation for a good thing eh. In other cases it's rooted in worry and I understand that. What to do about it?

There's many suggestions already on these blogs but for today I'd like to suggest some very simple True Magic. It will require however a portion of nature for you to work with.

There are certain types of nature I recommend. First and foremost I recommend either a large boulder - something big enough for you to sit on or even the side of a hill might be adequate - but you have to be sitting on or standing next to a large boulder so you can touch it.

Or you could utilize a large tree but by large I mean that it's big enough so that you couldn't wrap your arms around it and touch your fingers on the other side. I'm not recommending you do that because most trees are not comfortable with that but if you can find either one of those that will work.

Large boulders are not generally nervous unless they are perched in a position where they might roll down a hill at any moment but even then they're not very nervous. So you want to find a boulder that's pretty firmly rooted.

Either going to the tree or the boulder, whichever one, approach them and say, "Goodlife." You can whisper it or you can say it out loud, it's up to you. Then if you feel comfortable addressing them that way - because everything is alive - and if you feel comfortable and relaxed in your body - not willing it, just noticing how you feel in response to saying, "Goodlife" then you may proceed. However if you feel nervous or a little agitated - alright - not just nervous because you feel silly saying goodlife to a rock or a tree but a nervousness in response to your saying goodlife then you'll know that the boulder or the tree is busy and go on to find a different tree or a different boulder or try this on a different day.

But if it feels alright then first ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you and pause for a moment.

Then approach towards the boulder or the tree. Do not touch either one at first but reach out with your palm up for a moment. Either your right palm or your left palm, whichever one you are comfortable with. Just standing - alright - and ask that the sun - this is to be done during the daytime, alright, even if it's cloudy just as long as it's daytime - ask that the sun be balanced in its energy between your hand and the rock (or the tree). Then turn your hand so that your palm is facing down and approach the rock (or the tree) and touch it very lightly with your fingertips.

Notice how you feel in your physical body and if you feel uncomfortable just before you touch it then pause for a moment. Just wait and stand there. If you have felt uncomfortable then I recommend you use your right hand not your left and just wait. After you have waited again reach out within touching distance and move your right hand, palm facing towards the rock or the tree, towards that object and pause just a slight distance before you touch it. If you feel alright in your body then reach forward and touch the rock or the tree with your fingertips.

If you feel alright in your body or even better than alright - meaning you feel a warmth or an increased comfortable feeling in your body then you can gradually place your entire palm of your hand and your fingers, just the right hand, on the rock or the tree. Then while you are in contact with that rock or that tree then say this, "I am asking that the sun and this boulder (or tree) and I become one unit for this moment and that I be rooted as the roots of the tree or rooted as the boulder to the ground be rooted and calmed by the earth and the sun within me."

Then pause for a moment still in contact with the boulder or the tree. Wait for about 30 seconds or a minute or as long as you feel very good in your body or as long as you feel very good energy.

When the energy fades and/or the good feeling fades then remove your hand from the rock or the tree and put it down by your side. At that point you may look over your shoulder or briefly glance behind you so that you can carefully step back and make sure you are stepping someplace safe.

Then if you do that you can take 3 steps back but continue facing the tree or the boulder but every time you take a step you can glance behind you to make sure it's safe if you wish. After you have taken the 3 steps back you can then take 6 sidesteps to your left. After you have taken the 6 sidesteps to your left then make a one quarter rotation to your left and take another 6 sidesteps and then you may turn and go on with your life - turn in whatever direction you need to.

This rooting will help you to achieve that calm state. From that point on if you ever get nervous or upset even if it doesn't have anything to do with your life but you're just feeling it around you, you will have made a friend of that boulder or tree and you can repeat that experience as I have suggested but instead of going through those words you can just walk up to it slowly and reach out with your fingertips - I recommend your right hand but if you want to use your left hand you can try that - and when your fingertips are almost touching that tree, the same tree alright that you worked with before or that boulder - the same boulder you worked with before, then pause and see how you feel.

If you feel good continue on. If you don't feel good or you feel uncomfortable the tree or the rock is busy. Than wait for a while or come back another day. But if you feel good in your body then you may reach forward and touch the rock or the tree with your fingertips and then if you continue to feel good you can move your hand so that your palm is on the rock or tree and simply say, "I am asking that my energy body and my physical body unite now through this tree (or through this rock) and connect with the sun and that the sun and the boulder (or the tree) and me form a union with the earth that I might be calmed and come to peace within me."

That's what I recommend. Goodlife.

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