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The Wand Position
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

You And The Elements, Part 3

Now, we have had our experiments with electrical fields that are generated by that which is man-made in part 1 and also in part 2. Now it is best to do this next thing with electrical fields that are a part of nature and we know that the easiest way to do that is with lightning.

We're going to do something a little different here. Normally I say do not wear insulating shoes on your feet but in this case we're going to have you do that. You can wear rubber soled shoes or something like that or rubber soled boots even though we're going to do this work at a distance for your maximum safety. Needless to say I want you to be extremely careful about this.

This work cannot be used to harm anyone so if you're concerned because the storm might be in a village or a town - something like that - don't do the work if the storm is over that. Best to do the work in a place where the storm is in a wide open space or over the water at sea or over a lake for example. This is the best way to accomplish that.

Ideally it would be an electrical storm at a distance that you can see easily but that the lightning bolts are at a distance or even flashes behind the clouds but it would be preferable that it be a storm where you can see lightning bolts hitting the ground or if you're at sea hitting the water from a distance.

Then again I want you to prepare yourself by saying the prayers that you said in part 1 but I will for this part 3 repeat and expand upon them for your convenience. You say, "I am asking that all those energies that are benevolent for me to be all around and about me now in the most benevolent way..." then pause for just a little bit - if you feel energy come up wait until it passes just a bit because there's a surge first and then you see - then it calms down a bit - and as it starts to calm down you wait until it calms a little bit and then you go on and say, "...I am also asking that the cushioning effect of magnetic energy be all around and about me and functioning in and out and through me at a considerable margin broadcast around me in the most benevolent way for me now."

Some of you may feel a surge of energy and even a warmth in various parts of your body - perhaps your heart. This is very nurturing and nourishing energy and can be used on its own to restore and to nurture but for our applications today you would then look at that storm in the distance with the lightning bolts. This is particularly helpful if done say in a place where lightning would be experienced with some regularity at a distance.

Then what I'd like you to do is to look at that storm - eyes wide open okay - and to aim standing out on the ground - in a certain position. Stand facing the storm.

Remember when I say - this is to be at a distance - the ideal is it were to be at least a mile away and not moving in your direction if you can ascertain that. It can be a little further then that but at least that - even 2 miles away if you can see it well.

Then stand facing the storm. Have your left arm down at your side with your palm facing your body and ideally with your fingers pointed towards the ground - and your thumb as well - pointed towards the ground not touching the side of your body (see top photo) but close to it.

Then using your right hand - do not point it towards the lightning but you're going to curl your fingers at the end so that your hand (see middle photo) looks somewhat like a claw - that shape - and you're going to have your palm towards the ground.

It would be as if you approached something and were going to touch that something - you understand you may have done this, touch a wall, touch a tree, something like that - with the back of your hand only you do it with the back of your fingers - you understand with your fingers curled.

So what you're going to do there, since you do not want to interfere in Mother Earth's electrical body but you do want to influence it and see if it can be done eh, then you're going to move your hand back and forth. First you have your arm straight out in front of you see with your hand in that position (see bottom photo) and then you're going to have with your arm straight out in front of your body alright and your other arm in that other position (down at the side with palm facing towards your body with fingers and thumb pointed down (see top photo) 2 to 3 inches or so away from your body) you're just going to move your right arm, not just your hand, move your arm back and forth very slightly (see video).

To the left then to the right, to the left then to the right. When I say very slightly you're just going to move your arm maybe an inch - maybe an inch like that - an inch one way, an inch or two the other way and just like that and see what effect that has on the lightning.

If you'd been watching the lightning for a while you will know roughly where it's hitting. I'm not going to tell you what's going to happen. Don't worry because your hand is in that position - there's no chance of the lightning reaching out towards you but you're just going to move your hand back and forth like that.

The position of your hand is respectful. After you do that for a few moments - just maybe 30 seconds - don't look at your watch - best guess, then drop your right arm back down by your side and just relax. You can relax your other arm as well but don't cross your arms, don't cross your legs just stand and look and observe for the next few minutes.

After that you can take 3 side steps to the left. Make a quarter of a rotation to the left. Take 6 sidesteps to your left. Then after the 6 sidesteps rotate left until you are facing the direction you need to face to continue on with your life.

Leave the storm though. Don't look back at it. You have seen what there is to see in those couple of minutes after you've done the work but don't continue to look at the storm and if you are driving and you happen to notice it or drive into it or through it perhaps, which would be best to avoid if you can possibly help that but if you can't help it then if somebody else is driving just close your eyes. If you are driving though and you must drive then just pay attention to what's immediately in front of your car.

This is by way of respect. It's always good to be respectful not only because lightning can be dangerous eh but it's good to be respectful of Mother Earth's body. Mother Earth is working with you in this work to help you to understand how Natural Magic is part of the natural life cycle and what you can do to become more creative in a benevolent way for all beings.


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