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The Wand Position
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

You And The Elements, Part 2

Now, you may have some other electrical device around but I do not wish you to approach say an electrical outlet where there might be a field of energy or an open circuit where there might be a tremendous amount of electrical energy but some of you who may live near an electrical distributing system*(Be sure and read my note below) - meaning say a substation or even out in the countryside where there are wires that traverse and crisscross your country distributing electrical energy - you've seen them on these very high up towers and big thick wires - if you want to get to just about the point where you begin to feel that electrical energy [with you on the ground of course] then you can go there as well and do the same thing but first you're going to feel where the electrical energy is.

I feel that you may have that capacity now. If you do have that capacity then do that and again - first your process of saying those prayers that we said before in Part 1. Then when you can feel that electrical energy at that point - you might be driving towards them, you might be walking towards them - just pause and turn around and walk back about 6 paces, 12 paces, however far you have to walk so that you don't feel it or it's at a very low level and you just barely feel it. Then it would be better to walk back a little farther until you don't feel it.

Then at that point say the request again - requesting that the magnetic energy be with you. When you feel it walk forward slowly into that electrical field. If you then do not feel that electrical energy that would be good but walk very slowly with your eyes open so you can see where you're walking since you will be out on the land - then you can do that eh.

Stop the moment you feel any discomfort or even the slightest sensation of the electrical field. Many of you - since this is advanced work and you have been doing this homework - many of you will not feel anything and will be able to walk up much closer to that electrical energy than normal (though be sure to follow the parameters I've stated in my note below).

If you're approaching a sub-station for instance don't get any closer than a minimum of 200 feet away. Generally speaking, we're trying to avoid any potential for you getting an actual hazardous shock. What we're looking for is a broadcast electrical field - you understand? This means a feeling in your physical body that will feel slightly uncomfortable.

Now these are the preliminaries. After you have felt in your physical body the cushioning effect of the magnetic field that you have requested you can then return to your vehicle or you can leave the area of that broadcast electrical field, also known as a radiated electrical field, and continue on with your life.

There will be a part 3 eventually where I am going to explain to you about how you may be unconsciously using this now - this influence with electricity and I will post it here on A Mystical Man's World. Goodlife.

*Since this is very advanced work I am expecting those of you who do it to be quite sensitive. So if you're approaching electrical distribution wires I do not expect you to get any closer than one quarter of a mile. Most of you will not have to get that close to feel the electrical effect.

If on the other hand you live in a city and are not near such things but can get to somewhere like a electrical sub-station you are not to get any closer to the sub-station including the perimeter fence that goes around it than 200 feet. You ought to be able to feel the electrical radiated effect by being no closer than 200 feet from the entire station.

As I say this is very advanced work and I do not expect you nor do I recommend that you do this work unless you have done the homework on this blog and on my others.


Vince said...

Hello Robert, I do understand your lessons here. I've often wondered why a safe low level electricity affected me in a positive way . I speak in general here about microwave and high powerlines.I've always felt a negative energy when Im around them in any situation closer was worse. I,ve seen the vegetation around them affected and rumors of cancer causing problems with high powerlines. Is the 200 feet a safe workable distance that you have practiced with and something others can feel a benefit from? I probably have to go 300 feet:) There is definately a benefit to this that radiates positive with me. Thank You,

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince, 300 feet is fine or even further away. As I said in the post - don't get any closer than 200 feet.

You do understand that this is because in order to do the work you have to open up your consciousness somewhat and that is the issue.

It's not that these sub stations or power plants are hazardous or emit dangerous levels of electricity - I'm not suggesting that. What I am suggesting is that since this is spiritual work and one is becoming a little more sensitive then no closer then 200 feet is my suggestion and 300 feet as you say is perfectly alright.