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The Wand Position
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

You And The Elements, Part 1

You will notice that in the past I've made an effort to speak about your potential interaction with the elements of Mother Earth. Hurricanes, tornados - like that.

There is an element I wish to talk about now and that is part of Mother Earth's personality and yet part of our own physical body. We know, science tells us, that we have electrical synapses in our brain and nervous system so do we know that electricity is actually functioning in our body albeit at a low level.

We also know, living here on Earth, that electricity is part of Mother Earth's body. We see her lightning and I believe that the electricity that we supposedly generate is actually something that is being captured and utilized from Mother Earth's body. I have often wondered whether such a capture system would work beyond this planet - beyond this realm - but then I feel that it would not be necessary there - other means would be available. In any event - I want to talk to you today about our influence coming up, particularly these days, with electricity.

One of the factors of being trainees, apprentices if you would, of Creator and creative abilities is that after awhile we get good at what we've been using and we get kind of nervous and maybe just a little fussy :-) because we want something new that we can work with. All you techie fans out there know what I'm talking about but we are more than technical people. We are more than people who work with tools. We are more than people who find new ways to communicate. We are beings who are attempting to create.

And so, my feeling is that we now have a new tool we can interact with. It is on the one hand something very powerful and no question about it - can be very dangerous - but on a small level, perhaps one where we have an intermediary, it is possible to work with it benevolently. And so - first lesson. With electricity one must be very careful indeed.

It is better to have an intermediary and that is magnetic energy which is gentle, soothing and the more feminine portion of the electrical. We know that there is magnetic energy involved in the electrical and I believe it is that which cushions us from the tremendous impact of electricity on us directly.

I have experienced such impact on different occasions being very close indeed to lightning and also having a pretty good sized shock working on a job years ago for a company. I can say that I would not recommend such experiences to others. It is however enlightening. So again, first lesson.

I'm going to ask you to begin by asking for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you. Of course you ask, "...that are available for me..." You say that, you understand and then wait a moment.

Then I'm going to suggest you say, "I am asking that I have available for me a greater amount of magnetic cushioning energy between myself and the greater charges of electricity and electrical energy that I may be exposed to." Then pause. Some of you might feel an energy come up. If you do just relax into it.

After that I'm going to suggest that you move, not towards any electrical generating plant but that you move towards something which throws off quite a bit of electrical energy. You might be surprised to know that for most of you would be a refrigerator when it's running - meaning when the motor is running.

Most refrigerators built in the United States have electrical energy fields around them - even within six feet but definitely within three feet. I feel that this has a lot to do with certain diseases which effect people. Some of you have residence in countries where such appliances are more thoroughly insulated and for those of you wishing to research that you can do so. You might want to get an appliance like that - but the lesson continues.

After you have done that request for magnetic energy walk towards any refrigerator. It does not have to be containing food. You might have an extra one lying about - meaning you're going to sell it or something. So it contains food, it doesn't contain food - it won't make a difference. Just walk there slowly.

Don't engage these prayers (as you said above, "I am asking...") while you are in the electrical field of such a thing but walk slowly towards the refrigerator. You're not going to open it up you see. Just walk slowly towards it with your arms down at the sides of your body all the while noticing the energy around you - the feeling.

Then as you get close to the refrigerator do not touch it - alright - and do not get closer to the refrigerator than say a foot and a half - then pause and just stay there. It would be best to do this with your eyes closed but if there may be things on the floor such as dogs or cats or little children you may do so with your eyes open so you do not step on anyone or anything.

Just remain there. After a time - no more than 5 minutes but it's up to you - just stay - then you turn to your left one quarter rotation and stay in that direction for a short moment - not long - a few seconds eh, 10 seconds maybe - just a moment. Then make another quarter turn to your left -meaning rotation and you may walk away from that appliance.

After you have done this go sit down someplace quiet if you can find it and consider how you felt in and out of that small electrical field. We will continue next time. Goodlife.


Vince said...

Hello Robert, I like your benevolent electrical knowledge. I do feel an enlightening experience of being lightly charged in some way that feels natural to me. The refigerator is a great example for me to understand. I do not feel that energy off the microwave though almost a sickening bombardment.Thank you for the lessons.

Robert Shapiro said...

Vince, I appreciate that you have the curiosity to approach this work that I am teaching here with a broadminded point of view. However I do want to remind you that if I suggest something here, such as a refrigerator to interact with in a lesson, that you might be best off staying with that only. A microwave oven is something that I do not recommend utilizing for this lesson nor do I recommend utilizing it for any purpose other than what it was only originally intended for.

Goodlife my friend.