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The Wand Position
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Friday, August 14, 2009

More About Personal Mapping

Lines. Sometimes we fret as people about lines don't we. We call them something else though on our bodies. We call them wrinkles - but there are other lines on our bodies that we don't really fret about. Those are the lines in our hands.

Those who've been trained in the fine art of palm reading and know what the lines mean understand these things. I do not claim to know about these things the way they do but there is a form of line on your hands that I felt you might want to know about. It is something a bit more esoteric.

Granted some people who will look at your palms are simply getting he feel of who you are and others are perhaps doing so for fun - but I'm talking about lines that are noted, studied and to the best of people's capacities extrapolated into meaning.

Now this might be for people who are a little older and might not be as noticeable on those who are younger but I wish to tell you today about the Time Line. On your left thumb towards the tip - if you look at it you will see some lines.

These lines have to do with your Personal Time Line - not how much time you have left on Earth though there are some clues about that but rather how you will be spending your time on Earth and what spiritual levels of awareness you will reach - but your other thumb is not left out.

That is about how time will function in general for all beings on the Earth. You are one of many on the Earth. Not only one of many human beings but one of many beings in general on the Earth and this is how it is reported to you. Look at those lines on your thumbs. You will find, as I say, near your thumbnail on the other side where the skin is eh on the left your Personal Time Line and on the right the universal Time Line for Earth.

The human being now is migrating ever so slowly but more and more completely - meaning all human beings on Earth - towards our natural native personalities. Who we are, where we are going, why we are here, what we are doing, what we will do as a group soul. We are not just our individual personalities - we are those yes - but we are also a group soul. Someone who is in different portions, pulling back and looking at the big picture as Creator might. Big portion, little portion and tinier portion.

In the big portion - a group soul - who we all are together. In a smaller portion who some of us are together, in a tiny portion - who one of us is. Tiny does not mean less so and bigger does not mean more so - it just means more.

So, I'm bringing this to your attention. It is something Palm Readers know about and have studied but I'm making a little point here. Think about it not as an individual but as a reflection of the world around you.

If you're wondering about time - who you are, where you are, how far along you are - spiritual advancement, consider not only lines moving on a horizontal plane but on those intersecting lines. Those intersecting lines are the vertical lines.

The long horizontal line has to do with time either individual on the left thumb or time massively on the group soul on - little tip for Palm Readers and also for those of you interested in your personal and in the greater souls time on Earth - the bigger picture. Consider now that your purpose may not be entirely defined by the tips of your thumbs but your intent and why Creator has allowed you to be here now. That is what is there.


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