The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Waking Up, Your Identity And How It Is Expanding, Part 4

Last time I mentioned about the use of physical feeling and the use of touch with your toes and feet. This last portion I wish to say only the following.

Over these next 20 years everyone on Earth - every human being - will be waking up and one of the things you will have as long as you can help in that process is that you will have on the Earth still, many animals. Not just your dogs and cats and pets but you will have many animals who live on the Earth on their own - be they the tiniest who walk about on many legs or be they the winged who fly overhead or be they the gilled who swim in the sea or in the lakes.

Please try and make sure that many of them are still with you over the next 20 years because the more you begin to use your feeling body walking about with your other fingers we call toes and touching and paying attention to what you touch - how does it feel, that's why babies get such delight in that and adults are taught to do things other ways in our times - but as you use your extra fingers (your toes) and pay attention to how it feels to walk and what your foot is touching (your extra hands) so you will become more conscious of the capacity to feel and know what is being touched.

You will become more intimate with the Earth so that it is not just a place to put structures but it is something that supports you and you will become more conscious of being a portion of something larger than you. Not just as a thought or philosophy as a part of some greater organism in your mind or some greater body of belief also in your mind and perhaps your heart but as a physical being you will be surrounded with other life forms who are also being supported by the Earth and you will see them. You will carefully avoid them when you are walking so they have their world as they avoid you when you are walking.

When you put your other fingers down and touch the Earth then you will be much more conscious of being a portion of Earth. Many of you know these things but I'm putting it into the context of waking up so that you will have something you can do to move through these times in a way that will be more welcoming and more comfortable.

We are born here on Earth in the way we are born. We are not born with shoes - thank heavens eh mother - and we are born thus very sensitive. Anyone who raises a baby knows how very sensitive they are to touch and how gentle you must be with them and how excited they are to touch things when they are able and how happy they are to move about on their own as best they can when they are young and crawl and touch and taste as babies do - with parents being careful or brothers and sisters watching over them. This contact that babies make is intended for adults as well.

We can wake up remembering all our skills and abilities through touch because the constant of touch will support our mind so our mind doesn't have to be the only vehicle by which we make the connection to who we are. We can make that connection with our hands and fingers, with our toes and feet for those portions of our body on our legs - our extra hands, our extra fingers are meant to keep us in contact with the Earth so that we might remember who we are through touch as well as through thought.

Goodlife and good remembering.

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