The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waking Up, Your Identity And How It Is Expanding, Part 3

Now last time we started walking in a different way. Some of you have walked this way before and if you have and have noticed things then you can help your friends who are trying these things out. The reason I'm suggesting to walking in that fashion is because you are waking up eh. Now after you have tried what I recommended in part 2 then I want you to try something else.

When you find yourself at home again or wherever - alright - and you have that experience where you get up and go someplace or where you suddenly walk someplace and then you forget why you went there, and you will have that experience, then go back to where you were if you can and take your shoes and socks off and sit down or stand where you were.

Socially speaking this may not work in all situations but it may work at times - and standing there barefoot where you were try to get as close to where you actually were as possible or sitting where you were barefoot see, then you may remember because you will be perhaps in that bubble of identity. And if you do not remember then get up.

Try to get up the way you did before or move somewhat the way you did before and walk that path again to the space where you noted before that you didn't remember why you had moved into that area.

So walk that route again in the way I recommended in part 2 where you put your toes down and the ball of your foot down first. Walk along like that, feeling the floor or the ground under your feet. You may be aware that is perfectly safe and you don't have to pay attention to where you're going - perhaps there's carpet there or perhaps it's ground that you walk all the time and it's safe - but this time walk it that way feeling the ground or the carpet under your feet - paying attention in that fashion.

You can look at it but it's just as important to feel it with your toes, the ball of your foot and the heel of your foot when that comes down and walk it again like that. You might remember why you got up or why you moved suddenly into that space in case you had a moment of forgetting.

This is a very good way to consciously move towards waking up because it's something you can use that is physical. During the waking up process where you are moving from your identity on Earth, who you are, your name, what you do, your activities, all of that - when you move into being who you really are in your expanded state beyond Earth as an old and wizened soul - which you may very well be - you need to have more than your mind because your mind will remember who you are on Earth but it'll only have fleeting moments of awareness of who you are beyond Earth when your mind begins to function in your Earth conscious way moving from dream world to wakeful world - you see.

So your mind needs help and help is right there in the form of your physical feeling because when you are dreaming - when you're at the deep levels of dreaming you are with your teachers, you are in your soul form because your body is resting but your body does need to rest - your soul does not need to sleep.

The soul is your immortal personality. It travels, staying tethered by a cord to your physical body so your physical body does not get frightened and can rest and sleep but your soul travels and is with your teachers and your guides and looks around the universe touching base with old friends and becomes its wizened self but it lives in a world that is so far beyond our physical Earth lives that our minds cannot cope with this and that's why we need those moments of waking up and that slight confusion that comes with - who are we.

You will be able to use now with this touching with these other fingers, with these other hands - yes with your feet - you will be able to use something beyond your mind. Yes your mind but also your physical feeling as a means to move from who you have been taught to be on Earth and you will be able to do more through feeling.

More next time. Goodlife.

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