The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waking Up, Your Identity And How It Is Expanding, Part 2

Now last time I spoke about waking up. This is what to do when you begin to have that phenomena I spoke about last time - alright?

First it's very important to begin to use your other hands and your other fingers. I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about but the fingers* on your feet have the great capacity to connect you to the Earth in a moment to moment basis.

So, for everyone who can walk about safely and comfortably and even for those of you who must use canes or crutches to walk about it is of great value to walk about on the Earth barefoot. Not just because you can, as a child might run out in the grass and enjoy the feeling of the grass on their feet which is very good, but also because you can shift your sense of touch - or expand it is another way you might look at it - so that your body is very sensitive.

How to do that? Begin in a simple way. Many of you will have tender feet because you're not used to walking around on the earth or having your bare feet touch the grass or the sand or the dirt or the ground. First find a place where it's safe to do that - someplace in the shade or someplace cool so you won't get injured - preferably not on stone or concrete but if that's all there is available then make sure that it is cool. How? Reach down and touch it - alright - or ask someone else that is with you and doing this with you if you cannot bend over easily and have them check. As a last resort wash it down but I think it's better to just find it in the shade.

Then if you're walking on the ground or the sand that's where you'll be. Bring an object with you however - something with contour. Something that has form and shape and it isn't something that is breakable or something that you couldn't live without - alright? It could be anything - perhaps a plastic bottle with the cap attached - alright? Something like that. Something you can afford to lose - meaning if you forget about it and it's left there for a time it wouldn't be a problem.

You can be standing or sitting whatever you wish to do - if you're in a back yard that's fine and make sure that it's safe for you to walk around that yard first of course - scan about.

Pick up the bottle and close your eyes and move it around in your hands touching it, you see. Getting used to the sense of touch. Of course you know how to do that but this is to remind your body that this is what you're doing. You're not just thinking and moving, you're feeling and moving. There's a little difference there. Then you can open your eyes and put the bottle down on a table or what ever you have.

Then get up, you're barefoot you understand, and step out onto the lawn or onto the dirt or onto the sand or wherever you're stepping onto and touch what ever you're stepping on. Now naturally if you were walking barefoot without having done so very much you'd be very conscious of what's under you but you'd be nervous because your feet are tender. So it's alright to pay attention to what you're stepping on and you will notice a heightened sense of your physical awareness.

So move your feet in such a way as your forefoot and your toes are coming down first and then you can bring your heel down. This is just exactly the way you touched the bottle or whatever object. You picked it up and you felt it with your fingers.

So you're going to do the same thing feeling the ground with your foot fingers - or your toes eh? Reach the ground and touch with your toes and move slowly. You can pay attention to where you're putting your feet. Move around on the lawn or move around on the dirt or on the sand - wherever you're walking paying attention to putting your toes down first and the ball of your foot down first.

Your foot is actually meant to do that. It seems like it's meant to put your heel down first but that's not true. It's meant to put your toes and the ball of your foot down first. That's why you have those muscles there.

Your physical body has been built - created alright - provided to you by Creator in its form and also created by Mother Earth with her contribution to mother and father and your time of growing in mother - the form of your physical body is not an accident, not a happenstance of nature or science. It is all intended to be exactly the way it is.

So put your foot down that way and feel what you are walking on before you put your heel down - alright?

More next time. Goodlife.

*Quoted from Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery, Chapter 22: How to Walk, How to Eat
by Speaks Of Many Truths through Robert Shapiro

"I'd like to suggest that you walk barefoot outside (that's the best way, but if you must be inside, then alright) on the front part of your foot with the back part raised up. First put down the front part, then the back part. When you do this I want you to imagine that you are walking on a platform, something being held in place for your benefit. I cannot tell you how helpful this is to give you a working physical feeling of balance."

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