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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Waking Up, Your Identity And How It Is Expanding, Part 1

Do you know that there is a awakening going on in people around you. It's not always obvious is it because you do not see them, most of them, when they are just waking up.

Have you noticed how sometimes when you wake up that there is a disorientation because you've been dreaming and the world of dream which is another world altogether and then you're waking up and there is a moment when you don't know who you are or where you are. It is very much like that around you now.

If you live with others you sometimes have the opportunity to see them in those moments and while you may be amused and being able to identify with those moments in yourself, and perhaps you all laugh about it, there are vast many others - the people in your neighborhood, the people you meet and many people all over the Earth whom you don't meet.

This waking up situation in the moments of confusion is happening now all over the planet. This is why many people that you will meet will momentarily seem to be so distracted. Not just because they are thinking or doing something but at other moments.

For those of you who live in cities this might be something that happens in an elevator or it might be something that happens at a bus stop. For those that live in the country it might be a situation where you come upon a person who appears to be thinking about something but who may be momentarily having a situation where they have forgotten why they are going somewhere, what they are going to do and the purpose for their being where they are in that moment.

It doesn't mean that they are crazy, alright? Many of you can identify with this right now. It's almost like a secret isn't it? You get up to go into another room to get something and you promptly forget why you went in there. This isn't something that happens only to the old, it's happening to people all over the planet.

This is because identity is in a bubble right now and very often your personal identity - who you are, what you want, where you're going, why you're there is in a bubble that you get up and leave when you go from where you are just a short distance away. It's as if the bubble suddenly remembers, "Oh, I must go with my being" and rushes to meet you and you may remember why you're in that other place or you may not. This is actually part of the waking up phenomena.

Waking up is not about sleep and the waking world. Waking up in this sense means you are beginning to remember who you really are and where you are really from and what you are really doing on Earth and how long you will stay on Earth and what you will do on Earth.

You will find that within the next 20 years this phenomena happens so much to so many people it becomes a regular subject of discussion. Doctors and scientists will move past the point of identifying it as forgetfulness into simply saying it's a phenomena, we don't know what it means - alright?

So I feel duty bound to reveal to you that what it means is simply you are waking up and it is a passageway. So what to do about that? More next time.


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