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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More About Your Interaction With Light Beings

Many of you these days are catching more and more glimpses of light beings. For the most part they will never have a human form. Some of you will simply see irregular patches of light that almost have a angularness to them.

When they have the angular aspect to them you are usually seeing them in passageway of a window or a door, as it's sometimes called, between one world and another. Other times some of you will see them as a disc of light. When you see this they are not in passageway, they are present wherever you see them and still others will sometimes see a vertical line or occasionally a horizontal line.

There are other forms too but I'm touching on those just for the moment because I want to bring something else to your attention.

Generally speaking quite a few colors are perfectly safe - colors you understand if they're light beings - are perfectly safe for you to glance at.

As a general rule of thumb I recommend that if you see a light being - which will probably happen when you are not involved in something critically important but could happen anytime - if you happen to see a light being I recommend that you attempt to stop breathing for a moment but if you're in the middle of taking a deep breath you can do that but either glance away from them for a moment or close your eyes for a moment, though you may not find them present after that, or briefly hold your right hand is what I recommend and if both your hands are available both hands palm towards your body within 4 to 6 inches of your body - doesn't have to be any further out then that - with one hand roughly in front of your chest area and the other roughly in front of your solar plexus or belly button area as some people say - a little lower than the solar plexus and then breathe normally. This is just to be on the safe side.

Generally speaking if it's white light or gold light you never have to be worried about that* but there are other colors of light.

There could be green light, there could be blue light, there could be red light and for many of you all of these colors of lights are perfectly okay but for some of you these colors of lights may not be okay at this or that time of your life (if so use the methods below).

However the whole point of this post is that if you happen to see a purple light that's one you have to be kind of cautious with.

Generally speaking a purple light is a being that was once alive on Earth. They might have been recently passed over and are visiting someplace or they might have been passed over quite some time ago and still for this or that reason have permission to visit someplace and you happen to see them briefly.

If you happen to breathe in when you're looking at them you might get an uncomfortable feeling in your body. This does not mean that they are bad or evil - not anything like that but what it could mean is the following.

It could mean that if they had recently passed over that they still have attachments - perhaps loved ones, things they cared about and so on on the Earth - you see - and if they had passed over some time ago and they feel called to the Earth and had permission to go - perhaps most often the case in that situation is because of a loved one that misses them terribly and they feel called to come - then if you happen to be looking at them and you take a breath inward, because of their attachments to Earth even just momentarily or because of other peoples attachments who are living on the Earth - to them - usually the former but occasionally the latter - when you breathe in you might get a brief portion of their energy.

This does not mean that you have been possessed or anything like that. What it means is that their attachment and your happening to see them creates something like a circuit. They don't ground them selves through you - they actually do not wish to lose any of their energy so this is a problem not only for you but for them.

There is an immediate solution. Generally speaking if you're seeing this, this is in front of you and therefore note the picture (see photo). If you can put your wrist on that part of your body where you feel the discomfort - it will be slight in most cases but you'll feel it - and after you put your wrist there point your hand, keeping your palm straight and your fingers straight, bending at the wrist as in the picture - point your hand in some direction.

It doesn't have to be towards them - plus by that time they probably would have moved. So in any direction that is easy for you. Ideally someplace into space rather than towards a house or towards a person - you see? Towards the sky is fine.

Then blow - meaning exhale and just blow out feeling - attempting to feel - the energy. Blow out of that part of your body but directing it out of your right hand as shown.

Generally speaking this will work if you catch it right away but if you did not catch it right away then there is something else you can do and I recommend that. At your earliest available opportunity ask for the following - alright?

Sit down someplace quietly - meaning in a quiet environment or lie down. It would probably be best on your back but if you are unable to do that lie down in the way that is best for you. If you lie down don't cross your arms or legs and try to have as little metal on you as possible but you'll possibly have some and don't worry about that.

Then relax a bit and say the following, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with Gold Light Beings or both come now and clear me of any energies or entities or any other that is harming me or harmful to me." Then just relax.

Try not to think. Many of you will feel something. Perhaps you'll feel a warmth. Perhaps you'll feel a relaxed feeling, a sense of energy - a benevolent feeling you see. And just make every effort to not think but if you begin thinking just stop. Don't give yourself a hard time about it. Just stop.

It isn't necessary to visualize white light but if that's what you do that's fine. If you visualize gold light that's also fine but I don't recommend visualizing any other kind of light nor do I necessarily recommend that it's necessary to visualize at all. Just don't think. If it's easier for you to visualize white or gold light that's fine. Just wait and they will clear you out. These beings are very benevolent beings of light and they will help.

So that's my suggestion for today. I'm bringing up more of these things now because they are not only practical but they can help you in other circumstances.

You can also make a request like this if you feel you've had a very hard day or you've been around a lot of angry people or people that were upset or you yourself were upset and you just feel like you're kind of carrying a weight around - you can do the same thing.

When you do that try to have the ringer off on the phone - and it's best to set it up in such a way if at all possible where the environment is quiet or at least you will not be disturbed.

And they will come if you say those words, they will come and clear you out. Might take 5 minutes, might take 20 minutes. If you're lying down and you happen to fall asleep don't worry about it, they'll finish up even when you're asleep but if you're ready to fall asleep and you say it and you fall asleep in a minute then - and you just sleep for 20 minutes - you'll see.

If you don't feel quite right - meaning after your nap - then you might have to do it again but you'll probably be alright.

That's my recommendation for today. Goodlife.

*For those of you who may see a rare phenomena where there is a white light moving along and leaving kind of a trail of bright light behind it, this is a being who may be in passage from one realm to another.

If they come too close to you or even accidentally touch you then I recommend that you immediately use the methods described below - or at least as quickly as possible use them. Those methods will work

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