The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Particularly For Practitioners

This is for all of you readers out there who are practitioners - who feel the energies of spirit when you're doing your work or feel that spirit at other times in your life when you're inspired or needing the energy to assist you in some way.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes in an emergency or an urgent situation that the energy cannot be felt even though you might be calling it in and requesting it. I'm going to tell you why.

It's this. The energy cannot interfere with your life and if there is some danger for you or if you're assisting somebody else who's in danger, you understand - an emergency situation, the energy will not come in in a way you can feel because you cannot usually either achieve that state of being where the energy can be present - meaning that relaxed state or in other cases that focused state or the alternative is, and this is usually the case, that that energy does not come in in a way you can feel because it has to honor your needs to serve your physical life but that does not mean that the energy is not present.

It will come in in a way that surrounds you or create like a shroud. This means that if you are serving someone and trying to help them in an emergency situation, not only you are experiencing the energy but others and this is why you don't feel it because it's not as strong as it normally is.

I just thought I'd mention that to you because what's happening is that it may very well be serving the needs of those you are serving.

So...don't feel that you haven't got it any more or that you need to do your work different. I just wanted to say this so you'll know that it's still working for you but it may be serving a broader community in that moment - alright.


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