The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Re-Creation Of Our World Benevolently, Part 2

Last time I gave an elaborate True Magic to help to maximize safety. Do you know that if everyone felt safe on this planet that it would be so easy to remember who we are in our total soul beings, to remember where we're from in our complete spirit selves, to easily be able to interpret our dreams so that we would know why we are here on this planet, to be able also by the things that happen in our day to day lives to understand what we are doing and how we need to do it.

And if we felt safe all the time to easily be able to understand on the basis of the way that people react to us and who we are and what we do - to know that who we are, why we're here and what we are doing - what it has to do with where we will be going from here so that we will understand the consequences of our life here through the applications of what we learn here.

I am not saying that the feeling of safety is a cure-all. I am saying that would make a big difference.

I am not expecting you, with this advanced work, to change the whole world all by yourself but I know that a few of you now and many more later will apply these methods I'm sharing with you here.

Now today I'm going to make an addition. Again this is advanced work so if you have studied this blog and my others and applied to your life what feels right to you and learned it as well as possible and perhaps are committed to learning more in the future based on your experience and how things work for you then I will trust you with this knowledge.

Go out on the land again preferably to that same place you went to last time but if that's not possible to another place that also feels good and where you are welcome.

Then when you are there look up to the sky where the sun is, of course have your eyelids shut so you do not harm your eyes but look up. If it is nighttime look up to the moon and of course you can have your eyes open.

Then I recommend you do something. If it is daytime and you have aimed your head towards the sun and while you are looking towards the sun close your eyes more tightly and imagine the moon wherever it may be and say this. Say, "I am asking that the sun and the moon in co-operation with all other suns and all other moons in this galaxy now focus their complete energy on helping all beings on Earth to remember who they are, where they're from, why they're here, what they're doing and what they expect to apply wherever they are going from here and that the result will be the most benevolent outcome."

After you've said that then look down at the ground for a moment and open your eyes. Turn so that you are oriented towards the north and take your right arm - move it forward as if you were going to shake hands with somebody, keeping it in that position for about 10 seconds, so that your arm is projected just like you're going to shake hands with somebody but your hand is in direct alignment with the center of your body. Then turn your arm so that your palm is facing downward for about 30 seconds. Then relax your arm and put it by the side of your body.

Then do the same thing with your left arm - holding the position as if you were going to shake hands with somebody for about 10 seconds as you did the last time. Then with your palm facing down for about 30 seconds, then relax your arm.

Then say this, "I am asking that I have these qualities known to me now in moments when I feel safe, in ways I can interpret them and that will do me the most good in my life now and result in the most benevolent outcome for all beings." Then relax.

Hold your arms out to the side of your body and have your palms facing down so both your arms are stretched out and your palms are facing down and your fingers and thumbs are in that position where you'd be shaking hands with someone, the same position of your hand - you understand? Then make one complete rotation to the left ending up facing north, then relax your arms.

Then take 6 sidesteps to the left. Make a quarter rotation to the left and take 12 sidesteps to the left. Then relax. If you have done this during the day then that step is complete.

Then do the same exact thing during the night of the same day or during the night within 3 days time when the moon is out, only when you glance up to look at the moon ask to be united with the sun and ask that all the other moons and suns in this galaxy be connected to the moon you are looking at and the sun wherever it is and wait a moment and then repeat the steps that you did during the day.

It's alright to bring a light with you but have the light at least 10 or 15 feet away from you. You can bring more than one light if you like so that you can move about safely.

Then after you have finished and have moved the 12 sidesteps and are ready to go on with your life then you can go and collect the lights.

If the lights are made of metal wait about 5 minutes before you pick them up or if you have brought a friend with you they could pick up the lights but if you have gone by yourself then wait for that time. It would be best if you could put something on your hands before you touch the metal.

It can be anything but it would be best to be made out of some natural material - wool, cotton, possibly even leather but it must be natural. This means no artificial products at all. A heavy piece of wool might be just fine. Then you can pick up the lamps.

If they are made of plastic then that is not so important. We want the energy that you have been feeling to be able to be broadcast in the area where you are walking you see, because they will broadcast all the way back to wherever you came from - say a car and then you see - it won't be grounded in the lamps if they are metal - you see?

Plastic won't take the energy on but metal will and then you will take the energy away rather then leave it on the land - just a little something for you to know for the future.


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