The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, September 09, 2011

Your Next Step With Magic

Now you have been asking for the next step with Magic and we've gone through the elaborate steps with True Magic. Now it is time to move into something that is a little simpler but will work just as well.

We've gone through all of these steps we have so far in order to support your clearing and focus and ability to move through various tasks and methods to learn and to grow.

Magic that you can now do that will be supported by all the training you have had here will work. I do recommend that you do the training first though there are a few of you who will be able to accomplish this work the way it is laid out simply in this video.

I wish you well and I recommend that you understand that it is in the nature of this work that you not only assimilate from other fields such as astrology and compassion and awareness of Mother Earth's elements as they interact with all life but also that you are aware that this work is all about responsibility to all beings including yourself, your loved ones, your friends, your family and all existence.

Take this step with confidence and if you choose with the complete understanding of the responsibility that's involved. I have every confidence in your ability to do these things and if they are working, that's fine. If they are not working - sometimes it takes longer to accomplish something - but if they are not working all the time then you need to go back and do the homework, every bit of it, until you get back to this spot.

Think about it. It's a task, it's a responsibility but it can be done. Goodlife.

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