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The Wand Position
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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Contacting Yourself With Approval

This blog is meant to share my personal experience and will occasionally have as you've noticed guest columns from friends whom I feel have something very worthwhile to say and that I feel that you may find interesting, valuable and enjoyable.
I will also use it at times to make suggestions and this is one of those days. Here's what I suggest. It is in the nature of life as I've discovered it over time that life often tends to repeat itself. We might reasonably wonder why because we might quite reasonably say, "I got it already" but you know there's a reason things sometimes repeat and that's that - yes - we might very well have gotten it but now our soul or greater being wants to see if we can apply it and how soon after we get it - that this is something we already got - how we're going to apply what we got this time.
I've had experiences like that too and I find that many's the time that I'll get it realize oh, it's this again, find it amusing at that moment whatever it is even if it's not a big laugh or anything to be smiling about - when I realize what it is then I apply what I've learned. It's amazing how quickly it gets resolved.
I believe you've had those moments too. When you do I'd like you to do something that I've been learning how to do that is not something most of us are trained to do in our culture and that's to give ourselves a little pat on the back. I'll actually do that physically. I feel that it's important because in our cultures we almost always learn everything there is to know about how to show disapproval but we don't often learn how to show approval or we don't learn it as well.
So give yourself a little pat on the back or if you can't reach your back to well for any reason stroke your arm. I've discovered that making strokes just going down gently are helpful or something like that is something that has worked for me.
That's all today. I just wanted to offer something that I've discovered and recommend that you try it. It's amazing the difference between saying, "Oh I did good" for instance and actually when you say it or something - whatever you like to say - to give yourself a little pat or stroke on the body. In my experience our physical body does not react well to the thought that we did good but rather reacts well to the touch. I'm sure this is because when we were very young those whom we loved or whom we wanted approval from touched us when we were being approved of or loved and our physical body knows and understands that this is loving approval. So, that's my big thought for today eh and I hope that you have a good experience with it.

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