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The Wand Position
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Monday, December 26, 2005

Seeds Of Stone For Mother Earth

I have been observing life around me for some time now and while I have recollections of interesting spiritual phenomena that I've observed I also want to let you know about things I observe these days. One of these things is the movement and motion of weather. Mother Earth, as you know is a living being and as a living being she has to function as best she can with the many visitors she has. Us - yes, the animals - yes and many other organisms - plants - yes and so on and of course there are the visitors from space - now I'm not talking about ETs here. I'm talking about the occasional chunks of rock that land on the Earth.
You might reasonably wonder why I'm speaking about such a thing at this time but you see Mother Earth as a planet, according to what I've been taught and what I believe, is not only a living being but appreciates and needs support and help from other beings like her. You know that sometimes it is a great comfort to have your dog friend or your cat friend or your horse friend or any other animal comfort you and sometimes you are comforted by a tree as well. I have been and so have you.
Mother Earth is not unlike that because sometimes she needs to be comforted and while we can attempt to comfort her in the best way we know how, like us at times she needs to be comforted by beings like herself just as we are comforted by our fellow human beings and when her need is strong she puts out a message and many little pebbles or stones or even slightly larger will come and land some place on her body. Most of these things that land are never found or noticed by various individuals because most of them are so small as to go unnoticed and yet a meteorite the size of a grain of sand, okay a big grain of sand, when it lands on her - and most often it will land in the sea - will provide for her the sustenance and nurturance of a much vaster size of planetary body.
Most of these meteorites are not just chunks of this and that. Most of them are bits and pieces of planets - either planets that have come apart over time or planets that are forming - seeds you might say. Because not unlike the seed of a human being or of a plant or of an animal so seeds of planets exist as well and sometimes when Mother Earth is not feeling well - perhaps we've been taking too much from her body and changing it into what we need - she will request these seeds that come from space that can reinvigorate her and allow her to adapt her form to a representation that is safer and more comfortable for her now and will allow her to adapt to our needs while we are still here.
I've been taught that some day we will move on when we can travel freely in space and allow Earth to become that beautiful garden that is in many of our stories and books and when that time comes I believe that those seeds of stone will sprout and provide benevolence for Mother Earth and the beings that will follow us here whatever form they may take. I know this sounds like a story but it's what I've been taught and it's what I believe.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. It's the little things that make the world go around, including "little comments" so heres one for you. Greta blog, but been a krazy person, I will have to return and re-read your post to get the "full meaning" of it, before it sinks into my little brain. Happy New Year !!!

David said...

Hello Robert - I'm a relatively recent fan of your writings (for the past 2 years or so). I have found myself to be addicted to many channelled writings, as it all truly resonates with me.

Thanks for sharing!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks Kelvin and David. I appreciate your interest.