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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Seeing And Feeling Light Beings And Possibly Even More

There is an experience I have with some frequency - I wonder if you have it too. Sometimes I see things - lights, Light Beings. I know you'll say, "Oh this is not something I have but I would like to" but I remember when I first started seeing them. Out of the corner of my eye I would catch the view of something - just out of the corner and quite naturally I would turn my eyes or my head to look at it and it would be gone.
I gradually began to realize that this was a real thing. It was light but I couldn't make it out and what I started doing is I started disciplining myself to not turn my eyes and to not turn my head when I noticed it - when it was safe of course - not when I was driving or anything - and it was quite an interesting experience.
I would upon having that vision of light or whatever it was since I couldn't make it out very well - when I would not turn my head it would stay longer. It is a discipline, I grant you. It is natural to want to see, "What is that?" But I didn't turn my head and a funny thing started to happen. Even though the frequency of seeing these lights out of the corner of my eye did not increase and even went away, the funny thing that started to happen gradually, eventually over time is that I would start to see these lights in front of my eyes - meaning in front - easily seen where I did not have to turn my head.
It would just be there for a split second and then it would be gone. Sometimes it was an intense pinpoint of light. Sometimes white, sometimes other colors but this has built up over time and now I see really beautiful things. I see purple patches with sometimes a different colored border around it regardless of what shape it is and the reason I'm bringing it up to you is that it's such a wonderful experience.
When I see these things now there is such a wonderful energy that I experience at the same time. Lately I've been having kind of a fun experience with it because some of these purple patches that I consider to be Light Beings - they don't look like human beings but they do demonstrate a interactivity with me and sometimes with each other when there is more than one - then there is a particular one - I don't know if it's the same one but there is one that approaches a little bit more and gets a little bit closer each time - that's kind of fun. I feel like we're sort of getting to know each other if that's possible.
So I wanted to share that with you. Not so much because I'm trying to wave my flag and say, "Hey look at me. I can see things" - not that but rather, if you begin to see things - don't dismiss it, don't automatically assume that there's something wrong with you or that you're crazy.
I grant that if you're seeing things and you're having problems with your vision in general it's good to go to the eye doctor - I go too - I have glasses - but don't automatically assume that it's something you want to go away.
It might be contact by Light Beings who simply want to interact with you and maybe in time if you indicate that they're welcome - especially when you're not driving or doing anything that requires your attention like working in the kitchen or something - then I recommend that you just say if you feel at ease with it, "Welcome. Come back anytime." I used to say, "Greetings" but since I've been taught by a Being that I really feel good about, to say, "Goodlife" that's what I say now.
You notice when I say it I say it as one word even though of course the computer wants me to say it as two words since it is not recognized as a single word in the dictionary but the Being who shared it with me shared it as one word and indicated to me that they felt of it as one word. It was not a Light Being. It was a wonderful old tree that I used to hike past on a trail in Arizona. Remember - everything is alive. If you keep that in mind it will make it easier to interact with all life around you be it spiritual, physical or non-physical.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Renato Carvalho said...

Hi Robert, are you there. If yes I want to get in touch with again. I'm Renato Carvalho, from Brazil, and we've been together twice: in Sedona and after in Brazil, exactly 10 years ago. Do you remember? If not you can go to (without www) and see my face. My e-mail is renatocesar–
I like you very much

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Renato
Good to hear from you again. Yes, I do recall you.
It seems you have been writing - you have a couple of books out - that's good - I have some out as well.
I was unable to reach you through yahoo.
Take care my friend.