The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, February 27, 2006


I remember once when I was living in Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona there was a mesa nearby referred to as I recall, Mt. Wilson. I remember thinking that I'd love to climb that trail up on top of Mt. Wilson and I'd like to see what's up there. I'd gone on the hike part way many, many times.
It was actually one of my favorite hikes but this one day after consulting one of my neighbors who said, "Be sure and bring plenty of water and a snack because it's a very long hike" I started off with my supplies and I remember when I was what I thought was about half way up that I stopped and rested for a time and many young people whizzed past me hiking with great speed and strength. I being at least twice their age - perhaps more - was hiking with considerably less speed :-) but many of you know how that is.
I continued on up at my slow pace until I rested again feeling I must be getting close to the top. Looking back on it I realize the first time I sat down I was about a third of the way up and the second time I sat down I was about two thirds of the way up.
Well I was quite determined to get to the top and I remember that when I did finally make it to the top of the mesa I realized much to my astonishment that the trail going to Mt. Wilson did not go to the place I went to - it went considerably farther and I knew I could never go up there but I was quite pleased that I had been able to make it as far as I did.
I stayed up on top of the mesa for a little while wishing that I could stay longer but realizing by the position of the sun in the sky that I couldn't stay too long - I don't wear or carry a watch you see - and with those thoughts I considered that perhaps I ought to start heading back down especially as some of the young people who had gone up on top - the very top came whizzing past going down and one of them muttered to me, "Better get going it's going to be dark before long." I thought perhaps he was right.
I remember walking back to the trail to go down and I was feeling a bit funny. I do have a few physical problems but it didn't feel like anything I recognized. All of a sudden everything went black and I felt something. After a while I woke up and realized I was on the ground - perhaps that's the thing I felt.
I got up and I was naturally concerned. I didn't know what to think and it seemed as if some time may have passed because there was less light available then before. I said a few prayers and walked on a few steps and everything went black again. The next thing I knew I was awake and there was less light yet. I said some more prayers in the form of Living Prayer and asked for help and then I remembered my friend - a Medicine Woman in Flagstaff, Arizona had given me some very special corn that she said could be used for blessings and other things.
I had it with me and I took a small pinch out. I placed it on my tongue and then pressed it against the roof of my mouth, said a few more prayers and started walking down as quickly as possible but the trail was rocky and did not allow much speed especially for someone of my age - even then. I walked as quickly as possible as I say and I asked that there be light for me all the way down.
I had not thought to bring a flashlight as it did not occur to me that I would be so long on the hike. As I went down I looked around and there was no one, absolutely no one else on the trail. It was many, many miles back down to the trail head where my car was.
It occurred to me that my friend of that time whom I shall refer to here as N would be worried about me and I moved as quickly as possible. I noticed at times that the light seemed to get much darker and then at other times it was brighter almost as if the light was purposely recycling itself to illuminate my path on the way down. I wasn't entirely sure whether it was the light of day or whether it was a light that was a blessing. Regardless I was happy and relieved that it accompanied me.
I kept going down the path commenting, "Goodlife" to the plant life around me as I had been taught by a tree to say goodlife and the tree shared its wisdom with me as well on that same trail many times. And so moving down the trail I got to the point where I could see the end and sure enough N's car was there. I was pretty sure she'd either be angry to see me - being worried about me or relieved to see me - being worried about me. Needless to say she was both.
I did manage to get down to the bottom and I noticed that as I approached my car that the light which had been present began to fade because there was - up ahead where my car was - a small light from the bridge where my car was parked - my car being parked in a small parking lot there at the trail head.
I thanked the light which was fading, that had accompanied me and noted that indeed yes, it was nighttime. I walked over to N's car. She was happy to see me, angry to see me, relieved to see me and relaxed to see me and she said as one might expect, "Never do that again." :-) Well I chuckled and said, "Okay, I'll follow you home."

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