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The Wand Position
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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Miracle Cup

I had an interesting experience the other day and I was left with something that I refer to as the miracle cup which had the most marvelous energy for about a month after the event.

I was sitting reading and I reached for a cup of water that I always keep nearby. It was one of those large plastic cups that they sell at the market that holds lots of water and in an absent minded way instead of wrapping my fingers around the cup I bumped the cup - and it was about half full - and the water went everywhere.

I jumped up and reached for the cup without thinking and stood it up all the while looking at the water dripping.

When I stood the cup up something amazing happened. The amount of water that was dripping on the table and onto the floor suddenly became vastly less and even though I'd given the cup a hard tap and it had flown a little distance and the water had flown everywhere, I looked back in the cup and there was almost as much water in it as there was before I knocked it over.

I just thought you'd like to hear that because it was an amazing experience for me. There's nothing like physical evidence is there - of phenomena.

I said, "Thank you" out loud to those who may have helped and who helped in such a way not only for my convenience, as in this case but to remind me that spirit is ever present and always there to help.

I am not expecting that the next time I knock over a cup of water that the water will remain in the cup every time.

I felt it was a message to reassure me and help me to feel the sense of support and I did feel that and as I said before the energy of that cup was so wonderful that I kept it for about a month or so and I still have it and it's sitting here now while I'm assembling the facts as I recall them about this experience.

Just a little something interesting I thought I'd pass on.



kurt miller said...

robert..i've had a couple of glasses of water in my adventures that have gone across the floor.seeing that type of phenomena in my case does in fact varify that that world is so alive it'S DOWN RIGHT UTTERLY AMAZEING.i would like to thank you for instilling in me the trait of compassion to the level it's present.i've been biteing my tongue for a long time.for as much cruelty there is in the world with that fake scandalist smile there's an ever present amount of that wonderful force that rounded up that water you spoke adventure is still not over,i'm keeping my head high.....kurt

Robert Shapiro said...

Kurt, thank you for your comment.
Yes, it's a very real world out there. I am glad to see that you are making the best of it by approaching it in that tone of reality while remaining as clear and as benevolent as you can be.
I am also glad to see that you are noticing that things happen that are beyond what the world thinks is possible.
Hang in there and goodlife.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
I'm making the rounds today! I am beginning to suspect that water has the propensity to procreate itself or I guess in this case lessen itself at will! I know it is very magnetic and able to attract more of itself out of the air/elements, and it tempers the weather much as our emotions temper our emotional make-up- it is along with air, sunlight, and LOVE one heck of a vital nutrient! We can move and dance with flexibility, kiss, cry, sweat, and make love with infinite ease and grace because of it!
Only Good Things
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Yes Bobby - thank you for your comment. It is true that water is all these things and more and water of course is also so much of our personal selves isn't it - yes.

Thank you my friend. Goodlife.